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SUPREME SENSORING TWTC Document no.: TBN/TRN 14271 DE Date: 07.08.2019 CMIopeQ safety CANopGQ ■ Sturdy design for tough applications, e.g. crane technology, construction machinery and mobile working equipment ■ Magnetic sensor systems ■ Measuring range TBN: 16.384 steps/ 360° TRN: 67.108.864 steps (16.384 S / U x 4096 revolutions) ■ 14-Bit position data and speed signal ■ Mrotection grade IP65/IP66 (IP69K with optional housing potting) ■ Interfaces: CANopen Safety SIL2, CANopen (CiA DS 406 Encoder Profile, 4.0.2) Structure - Sturdy housing made from seawater-resistant aluminium (AlMgSi1 - 3.2315) or stainless steel (material: 1.4305 or 1.4404) - Constructions with 0 42, 0 50 and 0 58 mm as well as special constructions (application-dependent) - Magnetic sensor systems for position detection - Recording of rotations via an absolute Multitour transmission in the TRN model - Electrical connections via connector M12x1 (Bus In and Bus Out option) or via cable - Optional housing potting to meet IP69K requirements - Interface as Standard CANopen or as CANopen Safety SIL2 in accordance with IEC61508 Function A positive-locking mechanical connection between the customer’s shaft and the sensor shaft ensures that the magnet in the sensor shaft precisely reflects the rotation of the customer’s shaft. With the TBN model, one rotation (i.e. max. 16,384 steps) is recorded. With the subsequent absolute transmission, the TRN shaft encoder reaches a measuring range of up to 4096 rotations. The position and speed values (PDO - Process Data Object) are output via the CANopen protocol. With the CANopen Safety protocol, both the position value and the speed value (SRDO - Safety Relevant Data Object) meet the requirements of SIL2. The values for the redundant system are compared and checked for plausibility. If the check is positive, the output will be normal and bit-inverted. Comprehensive checks using CRC, timing monitoring, voltage monitoring etc. ensure that reliable position and speed values are output. The speed value can be parameterised via the gate time (1 to 1000 ms) depending on the specific application. In the event of a fault, emergency protocols are issued and a fault listing is created. The target function here is to move to a safe state in the event of a fault. This is also referred to as the functional safety of the shaft encoder. TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH BismarckstraBe 108 visit us at |

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Absolute Monotour/Multitour shaft encoder models TBN/TRN with CANopen Safety SIL2 and CANopenTechnical dataElectrical data ■ Sensor system: ■ Resolution: ■ Speed value: ■ Speed value data format: ■ Gate time: ■ Internal sampling frequency: ■ Maximum speed: ■ Total step count: ■ Operating voltage: ■ Power consumption: ■ Code sense: ■ Reference value: ■ Accuracy TBN: ■ AccuracyTRN: ■ Reproducibility: ■ Temperature drift: Magnetic sensor systems TBN: 14 Bit (16.384 steps/ 360°) TRN: 14 Bit + 12 Bit (26 Bit) In addition to the position signal, a digits/gate time speed signal is also generated,...

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SUPREME SENSORING Technical data Overall system and safety ■ Duty cycle (rise time) supply voltage: ■ Information density: ■ Storage cycle time: ■ Setup Time: ■ Time between the detection of a fault and the output of the emergency message: ■ Certificate number: ■ Safety standard: ■ EDS file: 500 ms (10 % to 90 %) up to 10 000 messages/s 3 s per memory cycle ~ 2 s @ T > +20 °C 100 ms (voltage supply) 5 s (RAM test, all individual bits ok) 2 s (ROM test (within setup time)) Following provision of the certification documents IEC 61508: 2017: Functional Safety of...

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Absolute Monotour/Multitour shaft encoder models TBN/TRN with CANopen Safety SIL2 and CANopenBus connection, output level and data profile Bus connection as per ISO / DIS 11898 Data profile CANopen PDO1/2 (position and speed) PDO 1 / PDO 2 SRDO2 (speed) - normal and bit-inverted (models TRN and TBN) SRDO 2 velocity value Data Byte 0 Data Byte 1 velocity value inverted Date: 07.08.2019 Page 4 of 20 Document no.: TBN/TRN 14271 DE

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Absolute Monotour/Multitour shaft encoder models TBN/TRN with CANopen Safety SIL2 and CANopen Schematic diagrams TBN and TRN (construction Ø 58 – CANopen shown) Model: TBN magnet singleturn magnet singleturn magnetic sensor position controller main controller switching power unit TWK-SENSORIK GmbH Flerrenwiete 28 Tel. 04103/9323-0 D-22880 Wedel Fax 04103/9323-21 switching power unit TWK-SENSORIK GmbH Maßstab: Material: Gepr. Dieses Dokument genießt Urheberrecht und damit den gesetzlich dafür bestehenden Schutz. This document is owned by TWK-Elektronik GmbH and is...

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Rotary encoder TBN50/C3 manual - 6

Absolute Monotour/Multitour shaft encoder models TBN/TRN with CANopen Safety SIL2 and CANopenElectrical connection, mating connector, contact configuration M12x1, note Electrical connection ■ TBN 0 58 / TRN 0 58: With connector M12x1, pin, 5-pin, A-coded (standard: Galvanic concept: V3) With 2 connectors M12x1, pin and socket, 5-pin, A-coded, Bus In and Bus Out With radial cable, twisted pair, e.g. 2 x 2 x 0.25 mm2, shielded (standard) ■ The connection assignment TYxxxxx is part of the scope of supply and is included with each device. Please note: If angled mating connectors are used,...

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Rotary encoder TBN50/C3 manual - 7

Absolute Monotour/Multitour shaft encoder models TBN/TRN with CANopen Safety SIL2 and CANopenGalvanic potential isolation: -VS, CAN_GND and housing/cable shielding The description of the different versions of galvanic potential (V1 to V3) relates exclusively to the interrelationships between the individual potentials (-VS, CAN_GND and housing/cable shielding), i.e. whether or not they are galvanically connected. The connection assignment (TYxxxx) should be observed. This connection assignment is included with each device and a copy can be requested as needed. V1: CAN_GND, -VS and...

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Rotary encoder TBN50/C3 manual - 8

Absolute Monotour/Multitour shaft encoder models TBN/TRN with CANopen Safety SIL2 and CANopenOrder identification for design 0 58 TRN 01 Electrical and mechanical versions* Output signal: N CANopen-Interface Galvanic Isolation (see also page 7) V1 -VS * CAN_GND * Shield/housing V2 -VS = CAN_GND * Shield/housing V3 -VS = CAN_GND = Shield/housing Electrical connection (see also page 7) ^ Combine S, T, K or L and quantity 1 1 x Device connector or cable 2 2 x Device connector or cable (Bus In/ Bus Out) S Device connector M12, 5-polig, radial T Device connector M12, 5-polig, axial K Cable, 1m,...

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