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Front chamber Main chamber with ■ Contactless rotary sensor, free of wear ■ Compact, low-cost design for mechanical engineering especially for building machinery, underwater devices and food conditioning equipment ■ Resolution: 4096 positions / 360° (12 Bits) ■ With digital or analogue interfaces ■ Case in aluminium (AlMgSi1) or stainless steel (1,4305/1,4404) ■ Optional potting for shock and vibration protection ■ Two - chamber construction to separate rotating components from electronic circuit ■ Protection grades: IP 66 or IP 69K (option) ■ Working temperature range: - 40 °C to + 85 °C with ball bearings electronic circuit □ TBN/S with CANopen Safety □ Redundant systems □ SIL2 (IEC61508) □ Clamping shaft ASIC with Hall elements Electronic interfaces Robust case with wall thickness of 5 mm either in seawater resistant aluminum or in stainless steel - shaft and ball bearings in stainless steel - rotating components with permanent magnet in front chamber - electronic circuit with ASiC and Hall elements and interface components fitted within main chamber, separated from rotating components by a metallic wall - optional potting against water jets (IP 69K) - electrical connections via round plug or lead exit. ■ Model TBA 50 ■ Model TBB 50 ■ Model TBE 50 ■ Model TBI 50 ■ Model TBN 50: ■ Model TBN/S3 Analogue (page 3) Bi-direktional serial BiSS (page 5) Synchronus-seriel SS/ (page 7) Incremental (page 10) CANopen (page 12) CANopen Safety (Data sheet: TBN 11709 Manual: TBN 11748) ■ The connection data are supplied with each item. Dimensions, materials and accessories: Page 15 TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH Heinrichstrasse 85

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Rotary encoder TBA50 - 2

General technical data Electrical data of all models ■ Sensor system: ■ Accuracy □ for analogue models: ■ Reproducability: ■ Temperature drift: □ for analogue models: ASIC with Hall elements ± 0.25 %, optional ± 0.1 % (with reference to 360°) ± 0.3 %, optional ± 0.15 % (with reference to 360°) ± 0.02 % (with reference to 360°) typ. 0.1 % (with reference to 360°) over the entire temperature range typ. 0.01 % / K ■ EMC-standards □ Interference immunity: EN 61000-6-2 Mechanical data of all modells ■ Operating speed: ■ Angular acceleration: ■ Inertial mass (rotor): ■ Operating torque: ■ Wind-up...

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Rotary encoder TBA50 - 3

Electro-magnetic Encoders TBA 50 Analogue outputs 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC or ±10 VDC Technical data In order to record mechanical variables such as angles, rotary movements or positions, the contactless electromagnetic sensor system is extended with a 12-bit (with 360° measuring angle) D/A converter so that the measured variable is available as an analogue signal from 0 (4) to 20 mA, 0 to 10 V or ± 10 VDC. - As standard, the encoders are designed for a measuring angle of 360°. At the request of the customer, other measuring angles can also be set with the specified output signals in the...

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Rotary encoder TBA50 - 4

Electro-magnetic Encoders TBA 50 Model TBA 50: Analogue outputs 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC or ±10 VDC Technical data Prinzipschaltbild Note to Teach in functionality (Programmable) SINE - COSINE - Signal Hall - Sensor For applications, which require the change of the zero position, the ending position, the change of the signal curve or the setting of the preset the TBA 50 can be designed with the Multi-Functional-Pins (analogy to the TRA 50, see data sheet TRX 11820). The version number is on all output signals "100". The additional multi-function pin is an M12 connector, 8 pin required...

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Rotary encoder TBA50 - 5

Electro-magnetic Encoders TBB 50 - BISS-Interface Bidirectional Serial Interface - 12 Bit / 360°Technical data Function Biss is a serial sensor interface protocol for synchronous, fast and safe readout of sensor data, as well as for bidirectional access to the sensor registers. The interface is hardware-compatible with the SS/ - interface and has two or more unidirectional lines. A system consists of a controller (master) and one to seven sensor (slave), which can be in a serial or semiparallel connection. For either type of connection the 'MA' line, originating from the master, is...

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Rotary encoder TBA50 - 6

Electro-magnetic Encoders TBA 50 TBB 50 Bidirectional Serial Interface - 12 Bit / 360° Technical data Serial subscriber connection SLAVE 1 SLAVE 2 SLAVE 3 MA SENSORDATEN REGISTER lesen / schreiben The BiSS data format can be made available via Order code format TBB 50 - 01 Electrical and mechanical variants* 01 Standard Interface: B BiSS Electrical connections: K 1 m lead** S Connector M12x1** Code: R Nat. binary Resolution: 4096 positions / 360° Case material: A Aluminium** S Stainless steel** Flange: S Synchro flange Design: 50 Diameter ø 50 mm Model: TBB...

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Rotary encoder TBA50 - 7

Electro-magnetic Encoders TBE 50 Synchronous Serial Interface - 12 Bit / 360° Technical data Function The absolute angle information derived by the encoder is converted into serial information by an internal parallel-serial converter and then transmitted to a receiving electronic circuit in synchronism with a clock. Important advantages are : Low number of data lines and high reliability. Electrical data  Supply voltage range:  Supply current:  Resolution (standard):  Output code:  Code sense:  Serial output:  Clock input:  Monoflop time:  Clock rate: + 11 VDC to + 28 VDC 50 mA...

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Rotary encoder TBA50 - 8

Interface profile SS/ - 13 Bits nat. binary idle state CLOCK IN + idle state DATA OUT + idle state Date: 07.02.2014 page 8 /16 Document no. TBX11294 IE

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Rotary encoder TBA50 - 9

Order code format TBE 50 - S S 4096 R K E 01 Electrical and mechanical variants1 01 Standard Interface: E SS/ Electrical connections: K 1m lead2 S Connector M12x12 Code: R Nat. binary G Gray (optional) Resolution: 4096 positions / 360° Case material: S Stainless steel2 A Aluminium2 Flange: S Synchro flange Design: 50 Diameter 0 50 mm Model: TBE SS/-Interface The basic versions in accordance with the data sheet bear the code number 01. Variations from the basic version are indicated with a consecutive number and are documented in our works. Date: 07.02.2014 page 9 /16 Document no. TBX11294...

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