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KRP absolute multiturn rotary encoder with Ethernet/IP interface Relevant data sheet KRP 13386 User manual TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH Bismarckstraße 108 visit us at |

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Rotary encoder KRP - Manual - 2

SUPREME SENSORING COPYRIGHT: The Operating Instructions KRP 13387 is owned by TWK-ELEKTRONIK GMBH and is protected by copyright laws and international treaty provisions. © 2019 by TWK-ELEKTRONIK GMBH 40210 Dusseldorf ■ Germany Tel. +49/211/96117-0 ■ Fax +49/211/637705 ■ Date: 16.05.2019 Page 2 of 19 Document No. KRP 13387 CE

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Rotary encoder KRP - Manual - 4

SUPREME SENSORING 1.1 Scope This user manual is valid exclusively for the following rotary encoders with Ethernet/IP interface: - KRPxx-xxxxxxxR4096C1xP01 1.2 Documentation The following documents must be observed: - The owner's system-specific operating instructions - This user manual - Data sheet number KRP13386 - The connection assignment enclosed with the device - Assembly instructions TZY10206 enclosed with the device 1.3 Proper use The TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH absolute encoders and linear transducers are used to register angular or linear positions and make their measured value available...

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Rotary encoder KRP - Manual - 5

General information 2. General information The KRP absolute multiturn rotary encoders are designed for direct connection to the Industrial Ethernet System Ethernet/IP. The Ethernet/IP interface is integrated according to the following specifications: Volume 1: Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™) and Volume 2: Ethernet/IP Adaptation of CIP The specifications can be obtained from the DeviceNet/Ethernet IP user organisation ODVA ( Depending on configuration, the KRP delivers a 24- or 25-bit position value and also a 16-bit wide velocity signal in the unit of steps/gate time via I/O...

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Rotary encoder KRP - Manual - 6

SUPREME SENSORING 3.1 General information • On installation, note the data on the physical layer according to Volume 2: Ethernet/IP Adaptation of CIP • Hubs are not permissible. • The cable length between two subscribers may be max. 100 m. • The TWK rotary encoder KRP is equipped with an integrated switch. This not only enables tree and star topologies but also the linear topology. • The setting of addresses, the baud rate or terminating resistors on the device is not necessary. 3.2 Electrical connection The " ...MP01" type rotary encoders have separate connectors for the supply and the...

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Rotary encoder KRP - Manual - 7

SUPREME SENSORING • Mark the line with your encoder's MAC address and click onto Add to Relation List. • Enter the desired IP address of the encoder. Fig.: 3 Date: 16.05.2019 Page 7 of 19 Document No. KRP 13387 CE

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Rotary encoder KRP - Manual - 8

SUPREME SENSORING Installation • The encoder is then informed of its IP address in the next BOOTP query. • Then save your settings. • If you now mark the encoder in the lower window and click onto Disable BOOTP/DHCP, no further new BOOTP queries are transmitted after the voltage is next switched off/on and the encoder retains its last IP address. Otherwise, a BOOTP server must always be active in the network to supply the encoder with the IP address each time the supply voltage is switched on. • A BOOTP that has been switched off can be switched on again using the Relation List. 3.4 Status...

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Rotary encoder KRP - Manual - 9

SUPREME SENSORING 3.5 Project planning A device description file (EDS file) is available in the Internet under for integrating the rotary encoder into a project planning tool. File name of the EDS file: TWK_KRP_xx12.eds Project planning using the example of Logix Designer is explained in the following chapter. Date: 16.05.2019 Page 9 of 19 Document No. KRP 13387 CE

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Rotary encoder KRP - Manual - 10

Project planning with the Logix Designer 4. Project planning with the Logix Designer This chapter explains the procedure for integrating the TWK KRP rotary encoder into the Ethernet/IP network of a Compact/Control Logix control system. The documentation is based on Logix Designer Version 21.03. 4.1 Prerequisites You have created a project (here, KRP_Test) in accordance with your control system structure, including Ethernet network. (Shown here using the example of a CompactLogix 1769) 4.2 Installation of the EDS file • Under Tools, select EDS Hardware Installation Tool. • In the dialogue...

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Rotary encoder KRP - Manual - 11

Project planning with the Logix Designer 4.3 Installing the rotary encoder Right-clicking onto the Ethernet system and selecting New Module takes you to the device catalogue (Fig. 8) In the right window, select TWK-Elektronik GmbH. The KRP rotary encoder installed using the EDS file is then shown in the bottom section. Mark this and click onto Create. This then opens the KRP properties dialogue (Fig. 9).

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Rotary encoder KRP - Manual - 12

SUPREME SENSORING Project planning with the Logix Designer 4.4 Configuring the rotary encoder Assign a device name and the IP address here, and specify the I/O configuration under Module Definition (Fig. 10). The KRP's transmission cycle can be defined in the Connection tab. The following configurations are available (data formats, see Chapter 5): Date: 16.05.2019 Page 12 of 19 Document No. KRP 13387 CE

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Rotary encoder KRP - Manual - 13

SUPREME SENSORING Project planning with the Logix Designer The KRP is now in the Ethernet network and, after downloading the project to the control system, can already be operated in its basic setting. The next chapter shows you how to change the encoder's scaling. 1769 Bus [0] 1769-L24ER-QB1B KRPJest □■■■03 Embedded I/O ^ [1] Embedded DiscreteJO Expansion I/O B-& Ethernet 1769-L24ER-QB1B KRPJest * . KRPxx-hJ8192 R4096 CIkPxx KRP_1 4.5 Parameterising the rotary encoder The Ethernet/IP rotary encoder is parameterised via the connect path during control system start-up. In this process, the...

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Rotary encoder KRP - Manual - 14

SUPREME SENSORING Project planning with the Logix Designer 4.6 Setting the preset (reference value) It is possible to set a reference value to align a machine position value with the absolute position of the rotary encoder. On setting the reference value, an offset is generated and stored in the encoder, where it is protected against zero voltage. The reference value is set by writing the Preset Value parameter in the Position Sensor Object. This can be carried out e.g. via RSNetworx (see Fig. 13) or from the application programme (as of Fig. 14). ■ Class Instance Editor - [Node...

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