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Inductive Linear Displacement Transducers Model IWE 250 Measuring strokes : 20 mm, 40 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm ■ Contactless, robust sensor system ■ Infinite resolution, no hysteresis ■ Digital interface SSI ■ Resolution 12 Bits / natural binary ■ Gauge with spring return up to 100 mm ■ Protection class IP 66 Construction and operating principle The displacement transducer operates according to the principle of the differential choke, i.e. an inductive half bridge. It consists of two coils which are encapsulated in a stainless steel cylinder. A mu-metal plunger core causes opposing changes of inductance when it is displaced through the centre of the coils. These changes are converted by the integral electronic circuit into a signal proportional to the displacement. A 12 bits A/D converter supplied a proportional digital signal wich can be calibrated before delivery via on integral-controler. The transducers are completely sealed to ensure positive protection against vibration, shock, humidity, oil and corrosive matter. Standard measuring strokes: 20 mm, 40 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm Special calibration Up on request the measuring stroke can be reduced without affecting neither the resolution nor the case length, e.g. 30 mm measuring stroke (IWE 250/300) will be generated using IWE 250/40. Electrical data ■ Supply voltage range VS : 21.5 to 32 VDC (prot'd against reverse polarity) ■ Output code: ■ Data output: ■ Clock input: ■ Monoflops rate: ■ Clock frequency: ■ Interface profile: ■ Linearity: ■ Temperature drift: ■ Stability: ■ Measurement frequency: Natural binary SS/-Differential SS/-Differential to RS 422 10 to 30 ps 125 Hz SSI 13 Bits 0.5 % or 0.25 % < 0.01 %/°C < 0.1 % in 24 hours 100 Hz max. Note: If not otherwise indicated all data are valid at 20° C ambiant temperature, at Vs = 24 VDC and 30 min. turn-on time. Measuring direction The measuring signal increases when the plunger moves in direction of the connector. Up to request the reverse action can be calibrated before delivery. Environmental data ■ Operating temperature range: ■ Storage temperature range: ■ Resistance to shock: ■ Resistance to vibration: ■ Protection class: Materials □ External and internal tube : □ Plunger : □ Core : □ Connector case : □ Connector contacts : □ Spring and gauge head : Chrome-nickel steel Chrome-nickel steel Mu-metal Brass, nickel-plated Gold-plated Stainless steel ("T") TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH ■ PB. 10 50 63 ■ D-40041 Dusseldorf ■ Tel.: +49/211/63 20 67 ■ Fax: +49/211/63 77 05 ■ ■

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SSI (Synchron Serielles Interface) The absolute information derived by the transducer is converted into serial information and the transmitted to a receiving electronic circuit in synchronism with aclock. Important advantages are: Low number of data lines and high reliability. Electrical connections at plug (View at connecting face of counter plug) L1 = Plunger in central position: 2048 positions. IWE 250 / 40 - 05 - KFN - KHN - E01 Only for mechanical or electrical deviations from data sheet. Ball joint on case KV = ball joint on plunger, without guide. KFN = ball joint on plunger, with...

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Standard version (without rod guide) MB 25 Mounting block, brass Nickel plated (to be ordered separately) 40 10 LO 2 hexagon socket screws M4/35 mm long are supplied with each item. Mass : 60 g Mating Plugs STK12G30: Counter plug with metal housing straight.

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