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Inductive Linear Displacement Transducers Miniature models IW 10 and IW 101 Measuring strokes : 4 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm ■ Model IW 10 : Measuring strokes up to 8 mm ■ Model IW 101 : Measuring strokes up to 15 mm ■ Contactless, robust sensor system ■ Infinite resolution, no hysteresis ■ Exitation and signal processing by external electronic modules ■ Various mechanical configurations ■ Protection to IP 66 Construction and operating principle The displacement transducers operate according to the principle of the differential choke, i.e. an inductive half bridge. They consist of two coils which are encapsulated in a stainless steel cylinder ensuring positive protection against vibration, shock, humidity, oil and corrosive matter. A mu-metal plunger core causes opposing changes of inductance when it is displaced through the centre of the coils. The displacement transducers are designed for a carrier frequency of 10 kHz. Other frequencies can be used but may involve changes of output values. Technical Data ■ Linearity : ■ Operating temperature □ IW 10 : □ IW 101 : ■ Temperature drift : ■ Resistance to shock : ■ Resistance to vibration ■ Protection class : ■ Further data : An external electronic oscillator/demodulator and amplifier module produces the carrier frequency and a DC voltage output signal.There are several different types of modules available. The IW 10 Transducers are supplied either with connecting leads or with plug and socket connectors. They are also available with spring returns for gauge application. Standard measuring strokes ■ Model IW 10 : 4 and 8 mm Mechanical variants The model IW 10 transducers are available either with cylindrical or square shaped case. The plunger travels loose in an open bore. Double ended plungers or plungers with reduced core diameter can be supplied upon request. For gauge type applications a spring return is provided. The model IW 101 transducers have a cylindrical case. They are available either with flat cable or with angular plug connections. The mating plug is either straight or angular shaped (protection to IP 66). A special plug with screened cable (protection to IP 67) is also available. For gauge type applications a spring return is provided. Exitation and signal processing For details please refer to table page 4. TWK- ELEKTRONIK GMBH ■ D - 40041 DUSSELDORF ■ POB 105063 ■ HEINRICHSTR. 85 ■ TEL +49/211/6320

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Model IW 10 ... T (Gauge) Model IW 10 ( plunger in central position ) Core diameters d2 : 3.8 mm (standard) or 3.0 mm (optional). (When 3 mm dia is used the clearence between core and coil increases to allow slight radial play of the plunger.- Additional order code is "B"). 2 hexagon socket screws M4/25 mm long are supplied with each item.

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Electrical connections for IW 101 ... KModel IW 101 ... K (with flat cable 300 mm long) L2 L1 ±1 L1= Plunger in central position 4l4Hlw .WlJW. B1 ±1 Order code formatIW 101 / 15 - 0.25 K T A02* TOnly for mechanical or electrical deviations from data sheet Gauge (return spring) (optional) B = Core 3mm dia (optional) K = Flat cable S = Connector Linearity 0.5 or 0.25 % Measuring stroke : 5, 10 or 15 mm Model IW 101 Series IW : Inductive linear displacement transducer * The applicable A-No. is allocated after the definition of the deviation when ordering. No A-No. is given for standard...

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Electronic Modules for the excitation of Inductive Transducers and for the processing of the output signal Type of Module Oscillator frequency depending on type of transducer Ripple Attenuation Operating temperature range * Wiring instructions will be supplied with each item. Series OA and DE-modules as well as Multi-channel PC-boards are described in data sheet 10219AE Basic block diagrams RE Mounting grid 1:1 (5 mm pitch / view of mounting face) Case dimensions Solder pins Mass Current impressor The transmission line between the transducer and the electronic module may measure up to 100...

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