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Inclination sensor on MEMS technology Interface: CANopen Safety - SIL2 Model NBN / S3 n Certified (TÜV) SIL2 according to IEC 61508  Use in mobile as well as stationary machines and systems. Especially for undercarriage levelling and measuring inclination on booms n Interface: CANopen safety according to CiA DS304 CANopen Framework for safety-relevant communication, version 1.0.1 n Number of measurement axes: 1 or 2 n Selectable measuring range: ± 5° to ± 90° n High vibration and shock resistance n Option: Filter measures for masking interfe- rence vibrations and interference shocks → version V Registration of inclination in the gravitational field by means of MEMS sensors (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System) with subsequent digitisation and linearisation via controllers. The housing-based inclinometer (model NBN 65) has a stable aluminium housing (optionally stainless steel) and is highly-resistant to vibration and shock. One or two connectors/socket in the case of CANopen can optionally be selected for connection. Casting measures in the housing lead to the achievement of protection class IP 69K, e.g. for use under water. MEMS sensors are integrated circuits manufactured using silicon bulk micromechanical technology. Double capacities are formed with the aid of moveable micromechanical structures. If these structures are deflected in the case of acceleration, e.g. gravitational acceleration (g), this results in capacity changes, which are registered and further processed using measuring technology. The output voltage follows the function U ∝ g * sin α. In this case, the angle α is the sensor's inclination angle measured against the g vector. These sensors measure precisely, have a long service life and are very robust. The measuring axes operate independently of each other. The NBN has a redundant MEMS sensor system. Data output is carried out via the CANopen interface by means of the object SRDO (Safety Relevant Data Object). Normal and bit-inverted. Two independent nodes are implemented in the sensor sys- TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH Heinrichstrasse 85

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tem; in terms of logic, these behave as one node, i.e. both systems are addressed via one node address. The primary node controls the logical CANopen functions such as SDO processing, NMT and LSS services, and provides information to the redundant node via internal communication. The redundant node checks the safety parameters and internally compares its safety status with that of the primary node. A synchronisation check is carried out in the inclinometer. Only one position datum is output; the plausibility of this is checked using the second system's position datum. Is the deviation of...

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Accuracy optional (not SIL 2 certified yet): Devices with 1 or 2 axes with a measuring angle of max. ±15° have an accuracy of ± 0.25°. This accuracy specification includes the following operating conditions: Lateral inclination up to and including ± 15°. An operating temperature range from -10°C to 60°C. (Measurement accuracy with lateral inclination of ~0° in a temperature range of +15°C to +30°C: 0.1°) Electrical data ■ Sensor system: ■ Operating voltage: ■ No. measuring axes: ■ Measuring range 1: ■ Resolution: ■ Power consumption: ■ Current: ■ Absolute accuracies: ■ Repeatability: ■...

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Inclinometer NBN / S3 CANopen data NBN principle circuit diagram Standard: 1 Connection for power supply and CANopen Option: 2 connections for power supply and CANopen Interface according to the following specifications CiA DS301 CiA DS304 CiA DS305 CiA DS410 IEC 61508 CANopen Application Layer and Communication Profile, Version 4.1 CANopen Framework for safety-relevant communication, Version 1.0.1 CANopen - Layer Setting Sevices and Protocol (LSS) CANopen - Device Profile for Inclinometers, Version 1.2 Functional safety of safety-related electrical/programmable electronic systems CANopen...

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Bus activation according to ISO/ DIS 11898 The design guideline "CiA Draft Recommendation 303 CANopen additional specification Part 1: Cabling and connector pin assignment" must be observed on installation. CANopen safety data format, SIL2 (Safety Relevant Data Object SRDO) Output of three axis, x, y, and z, from Objects 6010h, 6020h und 6030h (maximum 2 axis with relevant measuring values, else 0). Resolution 0.01° per digit. Date: 21.03.2018 Page 5 of13 Document no. NBN12054 OE

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Inclinometer NBN / S3 Characteristic curve Characteristic curve ^ n Example: ± 70° = 2 x 7000 increments with resolution 0.01° ^ n Example: ± 20° = 2 x 2000 increments with resolution 0.01° n Data format: Signed 16-bit. Output value measuring range exceeded 1857 h 6999 When exceeding the selected range (eg ± 70°), plus about 2° the CANopen output values is set to 4650hex (= 18,000 steps = 180°) in order to signal the controller that the inclinometer is tilted out of the selected scale. measuring range exceeded Documentation, EDS file, etc. n The following documents can be found in the...

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Inclinometer NBN / S3 Order code format NBN Electrical and mechanical variants *: Standard Connection via onnector M12, 5-pin c Output interface: N CANopen Electrical connections: 1 Single connection 2 Double connection Electrical connections ***: S Device connector M12 K Cable 1 m (further cable length on demand) Installation position (See pages 12-13): See below: Available types 1 TOP 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Profiles: S3 SIL2 certified. CANopen safety profile according to CiA, DS 304 version 1.0.1 V Vibration protection measures: recommended (only complete if desired): V = with vibration...

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Inclinometer NBN / S3Electrical connections Via: - 1 connector M12 (male), 5- or 8-pin - 2 connectors M12 (male + female), 8-pin in each case - 2 connectors M12 (male + female), 5-pin in each case (Variant 50 in CANopen sensor NBN65 order code format) - 1 or 2 cables Electrical connection at the mating connector Connection via cable Colour of wire The pin assignment can be found in the connection assignment which is enclosed with each device. Connector male / female, 5 - pins Connector male / female, 8 - pins PIN Accessories ■ Mating connector (EMC) STK5GP90 (M12, 5 pin male connector...

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