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TWTC Document no.: NBA 15607 AE Date: 26.03.2020 Inclination sensor on MEMS technology Model NBA51 with analogue output ■ MEMS technology ■ Analogue output signal • 4 ... 20 mA • 0 ... 10 VDC • 0 ... 5 VDC • 0.5 ... 4.5 VDC ■ High protection grade IP67 and wide temperature range from -40 °C ... +85 °C ■ Stable accuracy over whole temperature range ■ Resolution 0.01° ■ Single axis up to 360° or ±180° (Redundant output possible) ■ Double axis up to ±60° Design and function NBA51 is available with one or two measurement axes. The inclinometer working principle is based on a micro machined silicon capacitive transductor (developed with MEMS technology). NBA51 is suited for applications (cranes, aerial platforms, drilling machines and excavators) in harsh environments especially for mobile machines. NBA51 has very compact dimensions, has high shock/vibration resistance and a high reliability and long service life for outdoor and indoor applications. NBA51 can be preset via pin for easy adjustment of the output signal. A redundant signal output at single axis version is available (with reverse signal behaviour CW/CCW). In addition more than one device can be mounted easily one upon the other to achieve another redundancy (see drawings). TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH BismarckstraRe 108 visit us at |

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Electrical data ■ Power supply: ■ Reverse polarity protection: ■ Measuring range: ■ Accuracy (+25 °C): ■ Resolution: ■ Temperature coefficient: ■ Initialing time: 9 ... 30 VDC (for outputs 0.5 ... 4.5 VDC and 0 ... 5 VDC) 12 ... 30 VDC (for outputs 0 ... 10 VDC and 4 ... 20 mA) Yes ±1° to ±60° for horizontal version 0° to 360° for vertical version or ±180° < ±0,3° 0.01° 0,01 °/K <0,3 s after power on Environmental data ■ Temperature range: ■ Shock resistance: ■ Vibration resistance: ■ Electromagnetic compatibility: ■ CE compliant: ■ Material housing: ■ Protection grade: ■ Weight: -40 °C ......

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Inclination sensor NBA51Order code format NBA Electrical and mechanical variants: 01 Standard Output signal: B 4 ... 20 mA Electrical connection: S Male device connector M12 K Cable 30 cm with male connector M12 Redundancy *: R0 No redundancy (possible at all axis types) R1 With redundant system (poss. only at axis type S, T ^ signal out on pin 2) Axis type (Number of axes and signal output): S Single axis, signal output: 0 ... xxx° (select 001 < xxx < 360) T Single axis, signal output: ± xxx° (select 001 < xxx < 180) D Double axis, signal output: ± xxx° (select 001 < xxx < 060) Measuring...

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Double axis NBA51 inclination sensor (axis type D) The 2-dimensional inclination sensor must be mounted with the base plate in horizontal position, i.e. parallel to the horizontal line. The sensor can be inclined both towards the X and Y axis at the same time. For each axis a separate measured value is provided. Single axis NBA51 inclination sensor (axis type S, T) The 1-dimensional inclination sensor must be installed with its Z-axis in line with the force of gravity, as illustrated below. The 1-dimensional sensor default position is 0° as shown in the following illustration (connector...

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Inclination sensor NBA51 Installation drawing Dimensions in mm Sensor NBA51 can be mounted easily one upon the other via 0 8 mm centerings. Date: 26.03.2020 Page 5 of 6 Document no. NBA15607 AE

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Inclination sensor NBA51 Analogue signal outputs Single axis: Axis types S and T Double axis: Axis type D (Shown for maximum angle) (Shown for maximum angle)

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