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Inclination sensor NBT - 1

■ Certified PROFINET interface ■ Number of measurement axes: 1 or 2 ■ Selectable measuring range: ± 5° to ± 90° ■ With preset function ■ Housing: aluminium or stainless steel ■ Protection type: up to IP69K ■ Option: Filter measures for masking interference vibrations and interference shocks Design and function Registration of inclination in the gravitational field by means of MEMS sensors (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System) with subsequent digitisation and linearisation via controllers. The inclinometer (model NBT 65) has a stable aluminium housing (optionally stainless steel) and is highly-resistant to vibration and shock. Casting measures in the housing lead to the achievement of protection class IP 69K. MEMS sensors are integrated circuits manufactured using silicon bulk micromechanical technology. Double capacities are formed with the aid of moveable micromechanical structures. If these structures are deflected in the case of acceleration, e.g. gravitational acceleration (g), this results in capacity changes, which are registered and further processed using measuring technology. The output voltage follows the function U ~ g * sin a. In this case, the angle a is the sensor's inclination angle measured against the g vector. These sensors measure precisely, have a long service life and are very robust. The measuring axes operate independently of each other. The Profinet interface according to IEC 61158 / 61784 or PNO specifications order No. 2.712 and 2.722, version 2.3, is integrated into the inclinometer series NBT. Real time classes 1 and 3 are supported, i.e. Real Time (RT) and Isochronous Real Time (IRT) plus the requirements of conformance class C.The integrated 2-fold switch enables the TWK PROFINET inclinometer to be used in star, tree and line network topologies. An exhaustive description of integration into a PROFINET network can be found in the manual NBT 14636. PROFINET properties - Real Time (RT) and Isochronous Real Time (IRT) - Device exchange without interchangeable medium or programming device - Prioritised start-up (Fast Start Up) - Media redundancy possible - Firmware update via Profinet TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH BismarckstraBe 108 visit us at |

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Inclination sensor NBT - 2

SUPREME SENSORING General description Behaviour in the event of a measured value change due to averaging: Dynamic, arithmetic averaging of the measured values is implemented in the inclinometer. This involves linear averaging over 1000 values, whereby a new value is recorded every millisecond. This results in a low-pass effect. In the event of an abrupt change in the measuring angle, the end value is reached after approx. 1 second. In the event of a linear change in the measuring angle, the relevant output signal follows after a delay of approx. 0.6 seconds. Other, e.g. shorter, values may...

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Inclination sensor NBT - 3

SUPREME SENSORING Technical data Input data 1■ 2 byte status word ■ 3x2 byte position data Output data 1 ■ 2 byte control word ■ 2 byte preset word Electrical data ■ Sensor system: ■ Operating voltage: ■ No. measuring axes: ■ Measuring range: ■ Resolution: ■ Power consumption: ■ Current: ■ Absolute accuracies: ■ Repeatability: ■ Noise: ■ Zero error: ■ Signal path: ■ Reaction time: PROFINET data ■ MAC address: ■ Transfer technology ■ Transfer rate ■ Line length ■ Minimum transmission cycle Environmental data ■ Temperature range:: ■ Storage temp. range: ■ Resilience □ To shock: □ To...

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Inclination sensor NBT - 4

Inclinometer NBT Technical data Cable output power supply (option)      Cable type: Cable jacket: Temperatur range: Outer diameter: Min. bend radius: 2 x 0,75 mm2, shielded PUR, color: gray - 40 °C to + 80 °C fixed installation, - 5 °C to + 70 °C freely movable 6 mm 6 x d fixed installation, 15 x d freely movable Characteristic curve Characteristic curve (example) ^ n Example: ± 70° = 2 x 7000 steps with resolution 0.01° ^ n Example: ± 20° = 2 x 2000 steps with resolution 0.01° n Data format: Signed 16-bit. Output value measuring range exceeded When exceeding the selected range (eg ±...

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Inclination sensor NBT - 5

SUPREME SENSORING Electrical connectionBlock diagram Block Diagram PROFINET PROFINET M12 connection assignment connector / cable output (Portl und Port 2) * The design form NBT65 has a bi-color LED, the NBT90 has separate LEDs for green and red Date: 20.08.2019 Page 5 of 10 Document no. NBT 14635 CE

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Inclination sensor NBT - 6

SUPREME SENSORING Order number Standardversion Electrical and mechanical variants 01 Standard Output interface: T PROFINET Electrical connections: 1 Connector (hybrid connector) 2 Connector (1x PROFINET, 1x power supply) 3 Connector (2x PROFINET, 1x power supply) x Cable length in m (for cable output) Electrical connections1: S Connector M12 K Cable Installation position (See pages 11-12): 1 TOP 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 See below: Available types Profile: C1 Standard Profinet Behaviour during disturbance acceleration: V Standard (see page 2) Measuring ranges 23(See pages 11-12): ± z° z-axis ± y°...

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Inclination sensor NBT - 7

SUPREME SENSORING Accessories, documentation, GSD file Accessories (to be ordered separately) ■ Straight mating connector for PROFINET In/Out (zinc die-cast nickel-plated), see data sheet STK14570 for PROFINET In/Out (stainless steel 1.4404), see data sheet STK14569 for the supply voltage (zinc die-cast nickel-plated), see data sheet STK14572 for the supply voltage (stainless steel 1.4404), see data sheet STK14571 ■ Angled mating connector (only suitable for design form 90) STK4WP82 for PROFINET in/out, see data sheet STK14676 STK4WS61 for the supply voltage, see data sheet STK14675 ■...

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Inclination sensor NBT - 8

Inclinometer NBT Installation positions and axis assignment Installation position TOP 1... 6 of the 1- or 2-axis inclinometer must be taken into consideration on assignment or selection of the measurement axes. The installation positions specified below define the measurement axes and measuring range centre for x, y and z. Which of housing surfaces 1 to 6 is to point upwards must be specified in the order number for the NBT (see figure on the right). The installation position is clearly marked on each device ('TOP'). This surface/edge must point upwards. Installation position top 1 Only 2...

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