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Draw-wire displacement converter SWP - 1

Cable-type displacement converter SWP series with potentiometric sensor SWP 11201 FE 06 / 2016 Functional description The linear movement of a flexible steel cable, which can have a length of up to 2 m, is converted into an angular movement with the aid of a measuring drum. The measuring drum is coupled via a gear to a conductive plastic potentiometer. The restoring force of the spring drive holds the measuring cable tight at all times and prevents any sagging which would otherwise induce an error. The measuring drum moves axially on a spindle ensuring that the cable is wound up precisely and reproducibly wrap for wrap in the helical groove of the drum. The cable entry contains a brush to remove dust. Variants A and B with electronic circuit ■ Current: 80 mA max. ■ Supply voltage VB: 20 - 30 V (polarity safe) Mechanical data ■ Measuring range: ■ Force of spring: ■ Spring constant: ■ Speed: ■ Diameter of cable: ■ Thermal coefficient: ■ Acceleration: ■ Mass: Environmental data ■ Temperature range: ■ Protection class: ■ Shock resistancy: ■ Life expectancy: Material ■ Housing material: ■ Cable entry: ■ Cap: ■ Spring housing: ■ Cable : anodized aluminium stainless steel 1.4105 durethan black durethan black stainless steel 1.4401 ■ contact A: ■ contact B ■ contact C ■ contact D ■ contact E ■ contact F +24 V supply 0V Output 0(4)...20 mA N.C. Screening not connected N.C. Counter plug: (to be ordered separately) STR6GS20 (straight) Order code format Special Variants Variant A = 0 - 20 mA B = 4 - 20 mA P = Potentiometer Calibrated range (mm) Cable lengths (m) Model SWP TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH ■ PB. 10 50 63 ■ D-40041 Dusseldorf ■ Tel.: +49/211/63 20 67 ■ Fax: +49/211/63 77 05 ■ info@twk.de

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Draw-wire displacement converter SWP - 2

Cable-type displacement converter SWP series Dimensions in mm SWP 1 m Connector cover displaceable by 90° or 180°

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Draw-wire displacement converter SWP - 3

Cable-type displacement converter SWP series Connector cover displaceable by 90° or 180°

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