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Cable-type displacement converter SWF series for use with absolute and incremental encoders n Very robust construction for mechanical engineering and industrial plant application n For converting linear displacements of up to 30 m into a rotary movement n For mounting onto an absolute or incremental encoder n Easy to install and to use n Protection grade IP 65 (IP 54) Functional description The linear movement of a flexible steel cable, which can have a length of up to 30 m, is converted into an rotary movement with the aid of a measuring drum. The measuring drum is connected to the shaft of an encoder. In this way a change in displacement of the measuring cable causes the shaft of the encoder to rotate by a directly proportional amount which can be recorded. The cable converter is supplied with or without encoder. For assembly to the cable converters the TWK encoders will fit. The assembly of other encoders can be realised on request. The restoring force of the spring drive holds the measuring cable tight at all times and prevents any sagging which would otherwise induce an error. The measuring drum moves axially on a spindle ensuring that the cable is wound up precisely and reproducibly wrap for wrap in the helical groove of the drum. The nozzle, through which the cable enters the drum, is protected with a brush and a bellow to prevent water or dust entering the drum. An additional grease chamber can be fitted upon request. TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH Heinrichstrasse 85 info@twk.de www.twk.de

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Technical data ■ Measuring ranges: ■ Drum circumference: ■ Permissible cable speed (Vmax): ■ Permissible cable acceleration (amax): ■ Force required to draw out the cable (start / end): ■ Cable material and diameters (Stainless steel 1.4401): ■ Rope diameter: ■ Life exspectancy for cable and spring: ■ Housing material: ■ Spring housing: ■ Protection grades: ■ Working and storage temperature range: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 m 334 mm nom1 ref. to table page 3 ref. to table page 3 15 N max. / 30 N max. highly flexible, stranded wire (7 x 19 = 133 conductor strands) 1.3 mm (0.8 mm optional) up to 1...

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Als Zubehorteile sind lieferbar: □ ADAKIT50 Adapter rings for flange 50 □ ADAKIT58 Adapter rings for flange 58 □ ADAKIT65 Adapter rings for flange 65 □ ADAKIT66 Adapter rings for flange 66 □ Roller SWF-U (360° rotating); reffer to SWF 10749 □ Cable extention SWF-Vx (x = lenght in meter), reffer to SWF 11027 □ External set of brushes SWF-BUVo for applications in dusty environment, reffer to 11195 □ SWF-DRUVO Attachment for compressed air. Recommended in applications with saw mills - for example, reffer to SWF 11173 For use under aggressive ambiant conditions, e.g. in maritime climate, the...

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Cable-type displacement converter SWF Contruction Robust drum housing of case aluminium Spring housing Precision measuring drum Zero-play coupling Coil spring off steel Spring cabinet of plastic Deflection roller for cable (rotary 360°) Wear-resistant bellows providing protection against dust and moisture Cable from stainless steel wires External brush case Cable ring Cable ring with deflection roller 180° Cable entry Cable ring Wiper brush Pulling cable Grease chamber (option) Cable extention SWF-VX (the cable extention SWF-VX is to be ordered separately. The "X" is the cable length in...

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