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PL and PL-P series DC power supplies

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New PL Series - advanced linear regulated laboratory power supplies true analog controls with digital functionality New PL-P Series - full remote control for bench & system applications analog, RS-232, USB, LAN (LXI) or GPIB interfaces |

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New PL series - advanced linear regulated laboratory power supplies Analog control for a digital world Building on the success of a winning formula In the 1980s the original PL series transformed customer expectations of the bench power supply and set a format that has been extensively copied by other manufacturers. Over the years, the PL series has been steadily revised and extended. Hundreds of thousands of PL series units are currently in use across the world and it remains the laboratory power supply of choice for many organisations. TTi has been at the forefront of laboratory power...

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New PL series - ultra compact using minimum bench or rack space Ultra-compact design with higher power efficiency and near-silent cooling The New PL series achieves an exceptional power density for a linear regulated power supply by offering up to 90 watts from a ¼ rack 3U sized casing. This gives it an unusually small bench footprint taking up less space on a crowded bench. For rack-mount application, up to four units can be mounted into a single slot. Despite its small size and linear regulation, the New PL series generates relatively little heat through the use of an advanced phase...

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QM models - PL303QMD (quad-mode dual), PL303QMT (quad-mode triple) Compact Dimensions Four Modes of Operation The PL303QMD is a dual output power supply with the same high power density as the single output models - 180 watts from a half rack 3U sized casing (214mm x 131mm). The PL303QMD is more than just two PL303 single power supplies in one box. It has four modes of operation: Independent, Isolated Tracking, Isolated Ratio Tracking, and True Parallel. Independent Mode: The two outputs are completely independent and electrically isolated from each other. Isolated Tracking Mode: The two...

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New PL-P Series - comprehensive remote control facilities Interfacing to every application Bench and System use The New PL-P series includes all of the manual control features of the New PL series, but adds comprehensive remote control facilities. The ultra-compact rack-modular sizing makes it ideally suited to rack mounted system applications, while its user-friendly manual controls are retained for bench top applications. Rear Power Terminals Power and sense terminals are duplicated on the rear panel for rack mount applications or other situations where rear connection is more...

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MODEL RANGE: METER SPECIFICATIONS PL068 PL068 PL155 PL303 PL601 PL303QMD PL303QMT Display Type: Voltage Meter Resolution: Accuracy: Current Meter Resolution: Accuracy: Meter Damping: 1 mA (0-1 mA on 500mA range) ± (0.3% + 3mA) to 8A, ± (0.3% + 0.3mA) on 800mA range Normally 20ms, switchable to 2 sec for averaging rapidly varying loads. * The PLH series are a higher voltage variant of the PL series whose specifications differ in certain areas. They are covered in a separate brochure (PLH and PLH-P series). OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS Voltage/Current Levels PL068    0V to 6V/0.1 mA to 8A (48W max.)...

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MODEL RANGE General New PL-P series units offer remote control and read-back using analog, RS232, USB, LAN (LXI) interfaces. They retain all of the capabilities of the New PL Series when under manual control. All of the specifications from the previous page therefore apply to the equivalent models in the New PL-P series. The following specifications are additional. Versions with a GPIB interface are also available - see below. REMOTE ANALOG ON/OFF CONTROL (single output models only) Non-isolated terminal which sets the output to Off when pulled low by gate signal or relay closure. Signal is...

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Latest Models New models for 2013 The New PL and PL-P series has been extended by the introduction of a triple output model, and a low-voltage/high-current single. New PL068 and PL068-P These models have been introduced to meet the need for a high current linear regulated laboratory power supply. The PL068 can provide current up to 8 amps whilst retaining the very low noise and fast dynamics common to the rest of the PL range. Voltage is variable between 0V and 6V with a resolution of 1mV. Selectable remote sense ensures perfect regulation at the load. Current meter resolution is 1mA right...

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Product Summary Company name and product brands Laboratory Power Supplies Bench and system power supplies from 30 watts up to 1200 watts using linear, mixed-mode and PowerFlex regulation technologies. Thurlby Thandar Instruments Ltd. (TTi) is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of test and measurement instruments. Waveform Generators Analog and digital (DDS) function generators, true arbitrary generators, arbitrary/function generators and pulse generators. In the future, however, the full product range will be branded Aim-TTi. Products have been sold under two brand names: TTi and Aim....

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