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INCLINOMETER SENSORS TLP100 - TLK100 - TLP200 These models can be biaxial or monoaxial, with a single or redundant output. They allow control of inclination to the Earth's axis in relation to their vertical or horizontal mounting position. TLA200 - TLM100 These models differs from others in their high mechanical strength, which are required for marine industry applications. TLP300 is the latest innovation, which benefits from an integrated gyroscope, allowing for real-time measurements while maintaining excellent static and dynamic linearity. CABLE TRANSDUCERS CET5000 - CET10000 CET5000 is...

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TSM Applications - 3

INCLINOMETER SENSORS • Highly adaptable Versatile and durable, with precision in all conditions of use NEW TLP300 Using gyrocompensated MEMS technology, the sensor position signal is instantaneous with no delay and has an excellent static linearity. STRENGTHS Redundant signal in compact dimensions.

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TSM Applications - 4

CABLE TRANSDUCERS • Usable in harsh enviromental conditions TOP The CET5000 and CET10000 cable transducers have a CANopen output with integrated inclinometer. They provide linear and angular measurements in a single object.

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TSM Applications - 5

MAGNETOSTRICTIVE SENSORS • Advanced technology for innovative uses Highly accurate measure Quality components NEW MAG300 MAG300 is a fully integrable sensor inside the cylinder, ensuring improved environmental protection.

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TSM Applications - 6

ROTARY SENSORS • Magnetic single turn technology • Efficient without mechanical wear • Cost saving solution g TOP The RTP100 in miniature dimensions guarantees maintenance of the signal redundancy, to the benefit of functional safety.

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Top Sensors Manufacture TSM SENSORS S.R.L. Via del Lavoro Artigiano 13/15, 25032 Chiari (BS) - ITALY Registered office: Via Roma 110 - 24021 Albino (BG) - ITALY www.tsmsensors.com T +39 030 7001376 info@tsmsensors.com

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