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t-data getting f|bersinto shape

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4 it's true 6 Technology 8 Suitability for integration 10 Sensor technology 12 Sensors in the blowroom 1. Download the app You can use the Trutzschler Spinning App with Android devices as well as iPhone and iPad. Download the app free-of-charge from the Google Play Store (> Android Version 4.1) or the Apple App Store (> iOS Version 8). 2. Use the Smartview function Open the Trutzschler Spinning App and activate Smartview in the drop-down side menu. 3. Scanning and viewing additional information Scan the entire page that contains the scan icon with the Smartview function. Touch the screen to...

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T-DATA - 4

FARSIGHTED AND RESPON  We want you to be successful with the help of our technologies and services. However, our actions are not limited to economic aspects. As family enterprise, we have experienced, accompanied and shaped the business and its specifics for decades. Thus we know that success is more than just numbers. T-DATA Business partner, with the emphasis on partner Always innovative Those who choose Trützschler will receive added values that cannot be taken for granted in view of the increasingly fierce competition. But in our opinion they are imperative. Our actions, which are based...

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T-DATA - 5

 SIBLE ACTION it‘s true Customer benefits, with emphasis on benefits Long-term efficiency What constitutes a good production installation? Definitely a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The only response of some machine manufacturers is to lower investment costs. We use a different ­approach. Our installations convince in terms of a well-known long service life and low energy consumption. At the same time they make the best possible use of valuable raw materials. Our intelligent technologies retrieve additional good fibres even from alleged production waste. The beauty of this particular...

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T-DATA - 6

The realtime monitoring system from Trutzschler With T-DATA, you gain sound management information. More knowledge: In conjunction with high-end sensor technology "made by Trutzschler", you receive a new dimension in data quality which expands the limits of productivity and makes a higher quality level accessible. Efficient analysis of the production process is possible. More mobility: T-DATA is web-based. You can monitor production in realtime at any time and from every location via smartphone or tablet. Delve into the world of the first mobile production, fault and quality monitoring...

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T-DATA - 7

Technology / T-DATA The video provides an overview of the T-DATA system. Scan page with Smartview.

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T-DATA - 8

T-DATA / Suitability for integration Installation and configuration All current production and quality data at a glance The T-DATA online data monitoring system from Trützschler shows all the current information at a glance. An eye on production and quality data at all times Trends in production can be detected at an early stage, and malfunctions and faults can be dealt with faster. This allows a measurable reduction of downtimes and optimisation of machine settings for higher production rates. The relevant data from a freely definable period of time can be displayed and compared. T-DATA is...

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T-DATA - 9

Suitability for integration / T-DATA Integration and individualisation More than just a standalone system Integration of T-DATA into the system T-DATA allows data to be transferred to the customer's own ERP, maintenance and monitoring systems. The recorded data from all the machines at the location is made available to your system. Connecting T-DATA is extremely simple. An external T-DATA interface provides not only current and historical values, but also their designations and fault messages. Individualisation for more transparency T-DATA can be individualised with the knowledge of which...

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T-DATA - 10

T-DATA / Sensor technology T-DATA sensor technology The key to authoritative information Energy measuring device on card and draw frame Waste sensor in the blowroom Performance cameras in the blowroom Contact sensor on the card

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T-DATA - 11

Sensor technology / T-DATA Users of T-DATA do not have to make do with the usual production data. Management in the spinning mill requires additional information. At Trützschler we have therefore not only developed our own sensors for capturing this data – but we also produce them ourselves. Examples include online measure- ment of current consumption, waste quality in the blowroom or neps in the carded sliver. This way, at Trützschler we achieve a data quality unrivalled by any competitor. Quality sensor on draw frame and combing machine T-DATA Dashboard Temperature sensor on the card

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T-DATA - 12

T-DATA / Sensors in the blowroom Sensors in the blowroom WASTECONTROL Cotton quality properties have changed radically over the last few years: Whilst the trash content alone has in part decreased, the quantity of neps and seed coats has increased. Cottons with honeydew content also require adapted cleaning technology which is gentle on fibres. Small and intelligent: WASTECONTROL reduces the waste and thus reduces the costs of raw materials. The WASTECONTROL waste sensor monitors the waste quality on the cleaners. It measures the actual loss of fibres and optimises the utilisation of raw...

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T-DATA - 13

Sensors in the blowroom / T-DATA Sensors in the blowroom T-SCAN TS-T5 The TS-T5 foreign parts separator also supplies T-DATA with fundamental information. Five different types of technology detect the foreign parts in the material: • F-Module coloured/dark foreign parts • P-Module transparent foreign parts • UV-Module fluorescent foreign parts • G-Module shiny foreign parts (NEW) • LED-lighting small/thin foreign parts (NEW) The data from the detections is collected continuously. It provides information on the contamination in the cotton, the productivity and the machine settings, for...

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T-DATA - 14

T-DATA / Sensors in the card Sensors in the card NEPCONTROL The sudden increase in neps in only one part of the working width (peak) indicates partial damage (e.g. multiple bent rows of teeth) The Nep Sensor NEPCONTROL monitors every single metre of the carded sliver. The unique and patented Nep Sensor NEPCONTROL monitors every single metre of the carded sliver. Fluctuations are detected in realtime and not hours or days later in a laboratory test. T-DATA can be used to compare the nep values of multiple machines and draw valuable conclusions. Examples: • the nep values on all cards...

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