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getting fibers into shape Trutzschler NONWOVENS

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it´s true 42 Trützschler Man-Made Fibers T-BLEND: Fiber preparation Experience interactive added values with our Trützschler Nonwovens App 1. ownload the app D You can use the Trützschler Nonwovens App with Android devices as well as iPhone and iPad. Download the app free-of-charge from the Google Play Store (≥ Android version 4.1) or the Apple App Store (≥ iOS version 8). 2. se the Smartview function U Open the Trützschler Nonwovens App and activate Smartview in the drop-down side menu. SCAN 3. canning and viewing additional information S Scan the entire page that contains the scan icon...

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Nonwovens - 4

FARSIGHTED AND RESPON We want you to be successful with the help of our technologies and services. However, our actions are not limited to economic aspects. As family enterprise, we have experienced, accompanied and shaped the business and its specifics for decades. Thus we know that success is more than just numbers. Business partner, with emphasis on partner Always innovative Those who choose Trützschler will receive added values that cannot be taken for granted in view of the increasingly fierce competition. But in our opinion they are imperative. Our actions, which are based on...

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Nonwovens - 5

SIBLE ACTION Customer benefits, with emphasis on benefits Long-term efficiency What constitutes a good production installation? Definitely a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The only response of some machine manufacturers is to lower investment costs. We use a different approach. Our installations convince in terms of a well-known long service life and low energy consumption. At the same time they make the best possible use of valuable raw materials. Our intelligent technologies retrieve additional good fibers even from alleged production waste. The beauty of this particular type of...

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Nonwovens - 6

Convincingly strong performance Advantages made by Trutzschler Nonwovens When deciding on a supply partner, various factors play a role. We are convinced that competence, individuality, efficiency and security of investment are of particular importance. Therefore we offer you decisive advantages exactly in those four areas. Making use of proven expertise Trutzschler Nonwovens combines the know-how of the reputable Fleissner, Erko and Bastian brands for you. Trutzschler Spinning is regarded as the leading specialist in fiber preparation. Trutzschler Card Clothing has been developing and...

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Nonwovens - 8

Opening, weighing and blending Perfect start of quality chain The initial process steps form the basis for the quality of the finished product. It is essential to maintain a continuous, uniform material flow from bale opener to the web former. This is exactly what the fiber preparation system from Trutzschler Nonwovens enables you to do.

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Nonwovens - 9

T-BLEND / Nonwovens The new modular fiber preparation High throughputs without compromise Modular machinery opens up the opportunity to individually combine compactness, production capacity, product quality and economic efficiency into an installation that is like a fingerprint of your requirements. Blending chamber: consistent high quality In high performance lines the blending chamber is used as a fiber storage which ensures a continuous flow of fibers to the web forming machinery. If fibers of different types, lengths, counts and colours are to be blended, the chamber allows for a...

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Nonwovens - 10

Nonwovens / T-BLEND Auxiliary units and feeding systems Integral and optional components Fine opener and feed box The feed box is more than just a material buffer between blending chamber and card feeder. Equipped with large diameter feed rolls and a pinned opening roller, it generates a uniform flow of small tufts to the card feeder. Fine opening in the feed box is clamp-free to prevent stress on the fibers. The speed of the feed rolls is continuously adjusted via a pressure monitoring system that monitors the filling level in the downstream card feeder CONTIFEED). ( The high demands of...

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Nonwovens - 11

T-BLEND / Nonwovens Homogeneous fiber web via TWF-TF. Tuft feeding: decisive for the quality Tuft feeder TWF-TF Since tuft feeding is decisive for the subsequent product quality, we developed state-of-the-art technologies for this purpose. They are based on the principle of pressure feeding. This principle features such a high level of accuracy that for some products a downstream roller card can be eliminated. The web goes straight to bonding, thus lowering investment costs without sacrificing quality. The TWF-TF ensures homogeneous fiber feeding, whether processing coarse or extremely long...

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Nonwovens - 13

T-WEB / Nonwovens Roller cards Individuality as basis for success During carding on the roller card, opening of the fiber tufts is continued and the individual fibers are parallelised to form an unbonded web. Trützschler Nonwovens provides roller cards for a variety of natural and man-made fibers. The random card TWF-NCR, the Airlay solution TWF-NCA as well as the new high-speed card TWF-NCT complete the product range of the standard roller card TWF-NC. TWF-NC: always the right solution For carding, Trützschler Nonwovens offers six different basic machine types that can be combined with...

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Nonwovens / T-WEB NEW: TWF-NCT for high throughputs Carding in high-speed spunlacing lines The high-speed card TWF-NCT TWF-NCT: innovations… The new layout opens the door to higher line speeds up to 300 m/min at the winder. By re-designing the pre-opening as well as the transfer section TWFNCT’s carding area is significantly enlarged. …and proven concepts As all roller cards the new high-speed card is designed for both flexibility and high efficiency. High speed without compromising on web quality Trützschler Nonwovens’ proven doffing solutions adapt perfectly to your product requirements....

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Nonwovens - 15

T-WEB / Nonwovens Random and airlay cards Specialists for various materials Random card, e. g. for hygiene products Random card TWF-NCR Our special roller card for random web technology is particularly well suited for subsequent spunlacing processes. It allows a high random layer. This results in fluffy, soft nonwovens, especially when processing cotton. The use of only two different roll diameters reduces clothing change time but still allows large variability in web weight. High random layer due to optimal arrangement of rolls Airlay card TWF-NCA: first-class homogeneity The card section...

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