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USA American Truetzschler Inc., Charlotte-N.C. Truetzschler India Private Ltd., Ahmedabad 1975 It all began in 1888 in the Saxon town of Crimmitschau – this is where Paul Heinrich Trützschler started our story of success in the world of textile machine engineering. After World War II the factory was re-established in Mönchengladbach. Since then the company has continued to grow and is now represented across the globe. Brazil Trützschler Industria e Comercio de Maquinas Ltda., Curitiba

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Germany Trützschler Nonwovens GmbH, Dülmen Germany Trützschler Card Clothing GmbH, Neubulach Switzerland Trützschler Switzerland AG, Winterthur Germany Trützschler Nonwovens & Man-Made Fibers GmbH, Egelsbach Truetzschler Textile Machinery (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Shangh

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Measured growth and ­expertise The businesses of the Trützschler Group are connected by a vast treasure trove of experience, innovative technology, a proximity to the customer based on partnership and comprehensive service. This is what we stand for with our presence all across the globe – wherever our customers are active. Our joint aim is to get the best out of every single fibre. This applies to natural and synthetic fibres, regardless of how they are processed and to what end. In the world of Trützschler traditional corporate values play an important role. That's why you can take our...

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Getting fibers Our aspiration, our promise. In the world of Trützschler it's all about our core expertise of "getting fibers into shape". This is our promise throughout the group. We are committed to achieving the optimum quality level for natural and man-made fibers to create the basis for first-class final products. Our customers and employees can take our word for it that traditional corporate values, such as honesty, trust and experience, form the basis for our work together. At Trützschler we live and breathe these values because we are convinced of their importance for our joint...

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Success is working as a team. That's why we pool our strengths for the benefit of our customers. Trützschler is a network of worldwide specialists The pooled expertise of the Trützschler Group al- whose expertise is controlled centrally from Mön­ lows us to implement complete turnkey projects. chengladbach. We pool ideas, generate synergies, From the first to the last production step, we compare processes, coordinate projects and thus have the right machine solution in our range. find the ideal solution to every challenge. In the key areas of production we provide several different...

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MAIN OFFICE: Monchengladbach, Germany Trutzschler GmbH & Co. KG Trutzschler Nonwovens GmbH Trutzschler Nonwovens & Trutzschler Card Clothing GmbH Textilmaschinenfabrik Monchengladbach Man-Made Fibers GmbH Neubulach Egelsbach India Truetzschler India Private Ltd. Ahmedabad Truetzschler Textile Machinery Trutzschler Switzerland AG USA American Truetzschler Inc. Charlotte-N.C. Brazil Trutzschler Industria e Comercio de Maquinas Ltda. Curitiba-PR SERVICE Mexico Trutzschler de S.A. de C.V. Mexico Italy Trutzschler Card Clothing Italia S.R.L. Varese Spain Trutzschler Card Clothing Espana...

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Melina is set for a ride in her pushchair. But since this will be a long outing, a visit to the changing table is first on the agenda. To ensure that the diaper feels dry for a long period of time, it also contains a web that has been produced with Trützschler technology. Evita de Silva has to catch her flight to Boston. She's not at all keen to get out of bed as the bed clothes are made of the finest cotton. Trützschler machine technology has prepared the fibers for the spinning process – with unmatched quality. For Susan Colatus, jogging is more than just sport. As she jogs through the...

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When Leila surfs the internet with her laptop, the living room carpet is her professed favourite place. Leila does not know that it was a Trützschler machine which spun the carpet yarns – but she certainly feels their pleasant structure. Nothing can stop Sven Lindholm with his offroader. The traction that he needs is p ­ rovided by special tyres with carcasses made of special fibers, all produced on Trützschler lines. What a thrilling day at work! The meeting with her customer went absolutely swimmingly for Yasmin Lee. All she has to do now is take off her make-up; a quick and gentle...

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Acting We invest a lot of energy – but only in clever solutions

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  sustainably When developing new technologies, our specifica- Another aspect is raw material yield: Trützschler tions include one aspect of great importance: systems are engineered to exploit the valuable low energy consumption. This not only increases raw products in the best possible way. We literally the efficiency and economy of production, but is fight for each fiber in order to keep added value also an active contribution to sustainable environ- and ­ ustainability at a constantly high level. s mental protection. When developing our technologies and when Examples include high...

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  human beings Working together, achieving success jointly. Being able to treat each other in a trustful and humane manner is very important to us at Trützschler. This is why we approach our customers and employees in a fair, open manner and with the ­ reatest of respect. g We know what the requirements of our customers are and our close contact with them sets apart our approach from the rest. We don't speak of success until our customers have enjoyed success. Our employees benefit from an atmosphere of trust, responsibility and freedom for the individual. After all, their expertise, their...

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gical standards Trützschler engineers have a well-developed sense for practical solutions. It is not easy to describe the skills of our research drive technology. They work together on innovative and development teams. It is better to let the plant technology which, thanks to a considerable facts from real-life practice speak for themselves: vertical range of manufacture and intensive practical Our ­ ngineers work closely with our customers e testing, is both trend-setting and revolutionary. to develop products of tomorrow which continue to ­ et technological standards. s The results can be...

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