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The all-in-one platform My Mill offers you a transparent view of your entire spinning mill and helps you with the digital transformation of your processes. Achieve quick wins from day one and make informed, data-based management decisions. Our Mill Monitoring System “My Mill” ena- My Mill consistently relies on the highest bles you to generate profits faster, bundle re- security standards, because the security of sources, optimize processes and save costs. your data is extremely important to us. My Mill is web-based and works perfectly on all screen sizes and devices. Therefore you are...

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Digital Solutions - 6

Experience full transparency from the beginning The My Mill Monitoring System shows all current information at a glance. Current machine data in real time Whether information about your production, quality, maintenance or simply a complete overview - with My Mill your possibilities are almost limitless: from the complete installation to production lines to detailed analyses at machine level, everything is possible. Through the detailed analyses with My Mill, you can guarantee a consistently high quality in spinning preparation; because this is where the quality of the end product is...

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Optimization Focus on what‘s important. An easy to understand data preparation enables you to discover optimization potentials immediately and to plan your resources sensibly. Truetzschler sees itself as an innovation leader and is constantly expanding the scope of cloud-based software. Of course, My Mill provides you with the possibilities of the latest AI systems. In the future, for example, it will be Fault statistics, shift data and quality compar- possible to predict the failure of certain comisons provide a solid entry point. In addition ponents and extremely simplify complicated to...

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[my PRODUCTION Well informed throughout the world and around the clock As a manager, you are often on the road. Nevertheless, you want to be up to date about your current production -regardless of locations and time zones. My Production gives you this freedom: You can view the current production at any time, anywhere, and take action as required. My Production is the perfect extension to We have attached particular importance to My Mill. Find out about your current produc- the intuitive operation of the My Production tion with just a few touches on your Smart- App. Like all our apps, My...

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Everything is OK Track yarn quality where it‘s defined – in the spinning preparation. A single system for all data is clear and saves time. Higher efficiency due to reduced machine downtimes. To download the My Production App, scan the QR code. At a glance: Summary of the production data at the highest level. Direct contact with person in charge of production by phone or e-

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My Production is not a complicated analysis tool. You can see at a glance whether everything is running optimally in your production or whether there are problems. The visual key to this is a simple colour code: Green means "everything is OK", red indicates "take action now". The entire handling of this app is just as easy, so that you simply feel well informed. All machine data are updated in real time. Drill-down: Detailed information on each individual machine. Process-oriented: Machine groups sorted by processes.

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Digital Solutions - 13

Your digital clothing management Digitise your clothings – and use My Wires app to gain an overview of central topics of your clothing management, such as clothing condition, service and maintenance. The starting point is the unique digitisation of your clothing management. This only takes a few minutes – with Truetzschler clothing and Truetzschler machines, just a few details are needed and you are ready to go. The My Wires app can also be used for machines and clothings from other manufacturers. You can see at a glance when and where the next maintenance assignment is due. You can adapt...

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Digital Solutions - 14

Scheduling maintenance Finding the optimum moment. The processing of different materials also leads to different clothing wear. In combination with your quality requirements for the spinning process and the end product, this results in the time for planned maintenance work. With the My Wires app you can easily reproduce material changes digitally and thus plan the optimal time for maintenance in advance. In addition, the maintenance work can be very easily documented with the My Wires app and permanently traced. Organising reorders Ensuring permanent availability. Individual notifications...

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Utilising know-how Access to comprehensive knowledge. With the My Wires app we offer you a com- customer contact. My Wires is of course free fortable and future-oriented tool in which our of charge and can be easily combined with know-how about the interaction of machine competitive products. and clothings is integrated. At the same time, as a service-oriented partner, we rely on close To download the My Wires app, scan the QR code. My Wires is also available as a website. In the web version, the camera and phone book are deactivated.

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www.machines-for-textiles. com/blue-competence Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG Textilmaschinenfabrik Postfach 410164 · 41241 Mönchengladbach, Germany · Duvenstr. 82-92 · 41199 Mönchengladbach, Germany Telephone: +49 (0)2166 607-0 · Fax: +49 (0)2166 607-405 · e-mail: · www.truetzschl

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Scan the QR code to get to the download area of all brochures. Legal disclaimer: The brochure has been compiled to the best of our knowledge and in good faith with the utmost care. However, it may be subject to type errors or technical changes for which we assume no liability. The photos and illustrations are purely informative in nature and in part show special equipment options which do not feature in the standard scope of delivery. We provide no guarantee as to the current nature, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Warranty claims for material or immaterial...

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