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CONTENT 4 Combing: The true way to your yarn quality 16 Truetzschler Superlap TSL 12 26 Truetzschler Comber TCO 12 52 Disclaimer

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The true way to your yarn quality On the way to yarn quality and economic efficiency, spinning mills are facing increasing challenges: shortage of specialists, high flexibility in production, optimal application of resources, etc. Since the foundation of our company we have been using our values to offer you what is of importance: „The true way to your yarn quality“. We are continuously developing new technological solutions that allow you to address the rapid market changes, thus ensuring the success of your business. To support you in pursuing “The true way to your yarn quality”, we are...

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Key positions where resources are conserved: • Higher efficiency on the TSL 12 by lap change in 20 seconds. • Lap transport automation for resource-saving combing organisation • Energy-efficient suction and compressed air system with savings of 34 % compared to the competition • Optimal temperature control of the top roll bearings, gentle to coatings and long service life Innovative, self-optimizing technology • Timing function for optimal piecing time without complex laboratory tests • Curve function for the optimal detaching curve • Self-adjusting lap monitoring of top rolls for reliable...

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Combing system Perfectly coordinated In the Truetzschler combing mill, all components interact perfectly. Or in other words: Redefine your individual expectations on quality and economic efficiency. Manual transport Manual feeding Manual transport Semi-automatic feeding Automatic transport Manual feeding Superlap TSL 12 Automatic transport Automatic feeding incl. automatic piecing Superlap The Truetzschler Superlap can be equipped with different creels according to requirements in order to meet the different needs with feed can diameters of 600 mm, 1000  mm and JUMBO CANS. The TSL 12 can...

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Combing system The highly economical JUMBO CANS can also be used in the Truetzschler combing mill. In addition to reduced yarn defects due to fewer piecings, they also lead to significantly higher efficiency. Autoleveller Draw Frame TD 10-600 Autoleveller Draw Frame TD 10-600C Autoleveller draw frames The TD 10-600C autoleveller draw frame in compact configuration is ideal for use downstream from the comber. It is characterised by minimum centre distance. Any number of machines can be combined with full utilisation of the efficiency of the individual machines. 24-26GB190919 Real-time online...

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Meaningful automation The automatic lap transport system for the Truetzschler combing mill Developed in cooperation with Neunhauser, the specialist for automated spinning mill transport systems, the automated lap transport in combing is one of the most meaningful investments. In addition to personnel cost savings compared to manual lap transport, even more benefits become apparent in practice: Clarity Since the entire transport is performed overhead, the aisles remain unobstructed. There are no empty lap tubes or transport carriages in the way. The floors are easy to clean. Controlled...

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Lap transport and lap feeding Three versions for maximum individuality Manual transport Manual feeding The laps are transported to the comber by means of a lap carriage. There the laps are tilted from the reserve table into the combing positions; the operator pieces the laps manually. Manual transport Semi-automatic feeding Instead of the reserve table, the lap transport carriages act as storage space for full laps. First the empty tubes are put in the carriage via a transfer table, then the laps are placed in the combing positions. There they are manually pieced. The picture shows the lap...

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Truetzschler Comber TCO 12A Automatic lap change This Truetzschler development reflects the bundled competence of our engineers. With an innovative process flow, the TCO 12A sets new standards in economic efficiency: The machine stops as soon as the laps are unwound. The batt is detached on all eight combing heads at a defined point and the waste is removed by a separate suction. Now the empty tubes are transferred to the lap carriage, and the full laps taken from this carriage. Following the subsequent preparation of the lap end, it is precisely positioned at the end of the delivered batt,...

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Autoleveller Draw Frame TD 10-600 The new draw frame generation: Truetzschler TD 10-600   A draw frame especially for combed yarns As quality filter of the spinning mill, the autoleveller draw frame has an important function: preventing errors in the draw frame sliver which inevitably lead to yarn defects. Because quality can no longer be improved after the autoleveller draw frame. The new compactness This means that a spinning mill with a producThe new TD 10 is 14 % shorter, because tion of 1000 kg/hour can achieve savings of length matters. Compared to the competition, up to $ 14,500. the...

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Autoleveller Draw Frame TD 10-600 20% space savings averaged over all can heights Individual sliver sensor in SMART CREEL SMART CREEL – intelligent individual sliver detection The SMART CREEL detects the presence as well as movement of a sliver. This makes a faultless detection of sliver breaks possible. In contrast to contact switches, the optical sensors protect against operating errors, as they function even when the pressure roll is not in use. The desired doubling is simply entered via the software.

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Autoleveller Draw Frame TD 10-600 Truetzschler Autoleveller Draw Frame TD 10-600 The world’s most energy-efficient suction system Whether central suction or filter box, the TD  10-600 offers enormous savings potentials thanks to the flow-optimized suction ducts. It requires only 840 m³/h at a pressure of only -450 Pa. This results in energy savings of 53 % at the central filter compared to the compe tition.* *1000kg/h per draw frame set, energy costs 0.13$/kWh SERVO DRAFT: improved levelling dynamics, improved sliver quality High-precision draw frame sliver levelling in the last passage is...

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