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48 Man-Made Fiber Card 52 Card for hygiene products 56 Integrated Draw Frame IDF 2 60 Technical data Card TC 15 34 Cylinder and flat 38 Suction system 39 Web doffing 40 Control and levelling 42 Quality monitoring 44 NEPCONTROL Experience interactive added values with our Trützschler Spinning App 1. Download the app You can use the Trützschler Spinning App with Android devices as well as iPhone and iPad. Download the app free-of-charge from the Google Play Store (≥ Android Version 4.1) or the Apple App Store (≥ iOS Version 8). 2. Use the Smartview function Open the Trützschler Spinning App...

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FARSIGHTED AND RESPON We want you to be successful with the help of our technologies and services. However, our actions are not limited to economic aspects. As family enterprise, we have experienced, accompanied and shaped the business and its specifics for decades. Thus we know that success is more than just numbers. Business partner, with the emphasis on partner Always innovative Those who choose Trützschler will receive added values that cannot be taken for granted in view of the increasingly fierce competition. But in our opinion they are imperative. Our actions, which are based on...

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SIBLE ACTION Customer benefits, with emphasis on benefits Long-term efficiency What constitutes a good production installation? Definitely a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The only response of some machine manufacturers is to lower investment costs. We use a different approach. Our installations convince in terms of a well-known long service life and low energy consumption. At the same time they make the best possible use of valuable raw materials. Our intelligent technologies retrieve additional good fibers even from alleged production waste. The beauty of this particular type of...

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Cards / Technology Trützschler Card TC 15  Success based on four pillars: Quality, productivity, flexibility and costs Anyone who wants to assume a leading position on quality in international competition must simultaneously "adjust" productivity and be able to quickly respond to changing requirements. Quality at the highest level "The length of the carding section determines the quality". Even though this has been common knowledge for some time, Trützschler is the only one with the longest carding section worldwide. For this reason, Trützschler cards have set the standard for quality for...

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Technology / Cards Card installation with Cards TC 11 Unique features of the TC 15 in the high-performance Flexibility for quick response The trend towards more variations, smaller batch sizes and changing requirements on fashion products are noticeable in spinning as well. It must be possible to perform production adjustments and frequent lot changes without any problems. The TC 15 fulfils these requirements in an exemplary manner. All quality-relevant setting parameters allow secure and simple adaptation in minutes: – Flat setting – Positioning of carding segments – Setting of mote knives...

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Cards / Technology DISCOVERING TECHNOLOGY Computer control with touch screen Page 40 Setting Optimiser T-CON Page 18 Flexible Integral Feed Tray SENSOFEED+ for perfect clamping and very precise short-term levelling Page 26 Fully-integrated Tuft Feeder DIRECTFEED with built-in air volume separator and segmented feed tray Page 26

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Technology / Cards Precision Flat Setting System PFS Page 35 The measuring bar FLATCONTROL is a precision instrument "Made by Trützschler" Page 45 Magnet Flat System MAGNOTOP Page 22 Nep Sensor NEPCONTROL LC-NCT Page 44 Precision Knife Setting System PMS Page 29 MULTI WEBCLEAN – flexible for all applications Page 36 We are motivated to provide you with measurable advantages for your daily operation in terms of quality and economic efficiency. But what exactly does it take to help spinning mills produce the highest possible quality at an economical level? Often the solution lies not in the...

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Cards / Technology KEY FEATURES OF THE  TRÜTZSC  Fully-integrated tuft feeder DIRECTFEED • niform card feeding at high production rates U Setting Optimiser T-CON • or maximum utilisation of the TC 15 potential F Flexible Integral Feed Tray SENSOFEED+ • hort-wave levelling for a low sliver count variation S Precision Knife Setting System PMS • Waste optimisation in no time at all Aluminium flat bars without screw connection • Quick flat exchange, without tools Magnet Flat System MAGNOTOP • hange of flat tops without workshop, directly at the machine C Precision Flat Setting System PFS •...

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Technology / Cards  HLER CARD TC 15 Infinitely variable setting of the flat speed • xact adaptation to the fiber quality in only a few seconds E Electronic cylinder brake • Reduces cleaning and maintenance time • Online measurement of neps and trash particles • Web-based data system Digital motor controls • With Quality Sensor DISC MONITOR and pneumatic piecing aid Spectrogram analysis • ssists in finding the cause of spectrogram errors A Thick place monitoring • tops the card in case of excessive thick places in the sliver S Management of maintenance and card clothing • Targeted...

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Cards / T-MOVE Can Filling Station T-MOVE Quick can change for large cans in the smallest space In the case of new developments, we at Trützschler first ask some basic questions. One of the questions concerning the T-MOVE project was: "Why is it actually necessary to move the can during can change, is there no better solution?" This consideration resulted in the basic idea for the development of the new automatic can filling station. The T-MOVE concept Sliver coiling system T-MOVE with Moving Head fills the can on the left. Can on the right ready for change head. Moving Head fills can on...

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The sliver feed moves - the can is stationary The revolutionary change compared to all the other systems in the market is that the cans are not moved during the change. Instead, sliver feeding is moved in linear direction via the sliver coiling plate at high speed from one can to the other. This happens in a considerably faster and more controlled manner than would be possible by moving the heavy, sometimes even damaged cans. Another advantage: Both cans can be directly side by side. This saves considerable space and facilitates the transition from full to empty can. Consequently there is a...

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