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BLOW ROOM 4 true it’s 8 Discovering technology 50 T-DATA 52 CONTIFEED 2 54 Technical data Experience interactive added values with our Trützschler Spinning App 1. Download the app You can use the Trützschler Spinning App with Android devices as well as iPhone and iPad. Download the app free-of-charge from the Google Play Store (≥ Android Version 4.1) or the Apple App Store (≥ iOS Version 8). 2. Use the Smartview function Open the Trützschler Spinning App and activate Smartview in the drop-down side menu. SCAN 3. Scanning and viewing additional information Scan the entire page that contains...

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Blow room / it’s true FARSIGHTED AND RESPON We want you to be successful with the help of our technologies and services. However, our actions are not limited to economic aspects. As family enterprise, we have experienced, accompanied and shaped the business and its specifics for decades. Thus we know that success is more than just numbers. Business partner, with the emphasis on partner Always innovative Those who choose Trützschler will receive added values that cannot be taken for granted in view of the increasingly fierce competition. But in our opinion they are imperative. Our actions,...

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it’s true / Blow room SIBLE ACTION it‘s true Customer benefits, with emphasis on benefits Long-term efficiency What constitutes a good production installation? Definitely a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The only response of some machine manufacturers is to lower investment costs. We use a different approach. Our installations convince in terms of a well-known long service life and low energy consumption. At the same time they make the best possible use of valuable raw materials. Our intelligent technologies retrieve additional good fibers even from alleged production waste. The beauty...

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Blow room / it’s true Quality, value creation, life cycle costs  Advantages made by Trützschler It is not by chance that Trützschler is innovation leader in the blow room. We use patented technologies that allow maximum good fiber yield at highest quality. There is no better starting position for your yarn quality. Cotton qualities vary, but your yarn quality does not The challenges associated with consistent first-class fiber preparation seem simple. However, the quality of the raw material cotton is influenced by natural factors such as climate or pests. Seed coat fragments or honeydew...

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it’s true / Blow room

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Blow room / Installations DISCOVERING TECHNOLOGY The blow room is part of our company's roots – and even after more than 125 years our engineer teams continue to succeed in improving the efficiency and product quality with intelligent solutions. The sum of many details gives you the appreciated lead in your markets. The automatic Bale Opener BLENDOMAT BO-A possesses a proverbial robustness and reliability. Page 20 The WASTECONTROL sensors monitor waste quality and improve raw material utilisation. WASTECONTROL is exclusively available at Trützschler. Page 26 Speed sensors in foreign part...

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Installations / Blow room Trützschler nozzle beams in foreign part separators are optimized for minimal loss of good fibers and air consumption. Page 38 The Installation Controls LINECONTROL are equipped with a large-size colour touch screen. Page 47 Trützschler has a high level of competence in the development and production of electronic components such as motor controls, digital cameras or special sensors. Page 48

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Blow room / Cotton installation The perfect cotton installation The cotton is gradually and gently opened in the precisely synchronised Trützschler blow room machines. The answer Bale Opener BO-R Sliver waste Condenser BR-COU Integrated Heavy Part Separator SP-IH Universal Bale Opener BO-U Cleaned waste Cotton bales Electronic Metal Separator SP-EM Multi-Function Separator SP-MF Perfect bale opening The degree of flexibility of the Automatic Bale Opener BLENDOMAT BO-A is such that nearly every installation version is possible. The Universal Bale Opener BO-U is ideally suited for adding...

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Cotton installation / Blow room to which one is the correct cleaner or optimal combination of two cleaners depends on raw material and production output. Foreign Part separator SECUROMAT SP-FPO Universal Mixer MX-I Cleaner CLEANOMAT CL-C1 Trunk Feeder FD-T Cleaner CLEANOMAT CL-C3 Foreign Part separator SECUROMAT SP-FPU Dust Separator DUSTEX SP-DX Cards TC 15 Universal Mixer MX-U Foreign Part separator T-SCAN TS-T5 = Recommendation Material transport components such as fans, condensers or material separators have not been mentioned individually. Homogeneous blending Reliable detection and...

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Blow room / Man-made fibre installation Customised man-made fiber opening for a perfect carding result Man-made fibers in an increasing variety are becoming more and more important in short staple spinning. Universal Bale Opener BO-C Man-made fiber bales < 750 kg/h Universal Bale Opener BO-E Universal Bale Opener BO-U Heavy Part Separator SP-IH Optimal opening of every production size Homogeneous blending for even card slivers For large lots, the Automatic Bale Opener BO-A with a large bale lay-down is ideal. This ensures good blending from the start even in case of variations in material...

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Man-made fibre installation / Blow room In this regard, the modular Trützschler blow room offers customised solutions ranging from small lines to feeding a card at high production rates up to 2,000 kg/h. Universal Opener TO-TU Universal Bale Opener BO-C for productions <300 kg/h Feeding Unit FD-O Opener TUFTOMAT TO-T1 Cards TC 15S Trunk Feeder FD-T Opener TUFTOMAT TO-T1 = Recommendation Material transport components such as fans, condensers or material separators have not been mentioned individually. Optimal opener feeding Trützschler openers can be optionally fed by different machines. The...

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Blow room / Waste recycling installation Efficient use of waste recycling The recovery of good fibers from blow room and card waste can significantly increase the overall efficiency of the spinning mill. Small, compact or even large high performance installations for central waste preparation have a short amortisation period. Parallel waste cleaner for high production rates Universal Bale Opener BO-U Heavy Part Separator SP-IH Feeding Unit FD-R Waste Cleaner CL-R Bale Press Waste Bale Opener BO-E Heavy Part Separator SP-IH Feeding Unit FD-R Waste Cleaner CL-R = Recommendation Material...

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