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As far back as 1934, TRUMPF began manufacturing power tools for workmen on building sites and in job shops. Today, the TRUMPF Group employs more than 11.000 people in 26 countries and is a world leading manufacturer of production technology equipment - but we have stayed true to our roots: We continue to produce innovative tools for cutting, joining and beveling sheet metal in many industries. All machines are "made in Switzerland". Page 102 Page 106 Page 110 Page 113 New battery machines 5-year warranty TRUMPF-Box Cutting Slitting shears Shears Nibblers Profile nibblers Panel Cutter...

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Ideas for practical use. Professional sheet metal workers all over the world rely on the user-friendly electrical- and cordless tools from TRUMPF. Our products convince not only for their high quality, but also by the latest technology. One example: The new battery generation relies on the current 10.8 V Li-Ion battery technology combined with an optimized battery gear head. Thus, the machines achieve an exceptionally long running time.

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TRUMPF Li-Ion machines: Latest Li-Ion battery technology. TRUMPF C 160 slitting shears, S 160 and S 114 shears, PN 130 profile nibbler as well as DD 1010 drill driver are available with 10.8 V Li-Ion batteries with standard two 2 Ah batteries and optional 4 Ah battery. Combined with a battery-optimised aluminium gear head, the newest Li-Ion battery technology forms the basis of our new cordless tools. Many details in the gear head are tailored to the voltage of the battery technology and enable the 10.8 volt battery to produce output that is comparable to a 14.4 volt battery. Here is an...

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Compact size - low weight. The cordless shears and profile nibblers from TRUMPF are extremely light and their compact, ergonomic design increases operating comfort and provides the greatest possible mobility. A soft grip handle on the motor housing ensures a secure grip and low-vibration operation. Staying cool. Individual electrical cell monitoring in the battery unit and in the charger protects the battery from overload, overheating and deep discharge. The robust battery cells show a low energy drop and always remain cool. A built-in microprocessor analyses the battery data and controls...

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Slitting shear TruTool C 160 Li-Ion battery 10.8 V Slitting shear TruTool C 160 with chip clipper Li-Ion battery 10.8 V Cutting performance per battery charge (mild steel 400 N/mm2) Product details see page 52 Outstanding mobility in the curves Distortion free cutting process 360° cutting directions to choose from Simple carrier replacement and integrated die

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Charge status display: indicates current battery cell status Practical: battery is easy to attach to the machine Long run time Power-Head-Technology: with 10.8 V as powerful as 14.4 V Short charging times: fast and monitored charging Ergonomic: small size, light weight ^Individual cell monitoring: protects against overload and overheating. For long battery service life JFor even longer run times: the optional 4 Ah battery Drill driver TruTool DD 1010 Li-Ion battery 10.8 V with powerful 2-speed motor and extremely high operating comfort. Powerful 2-speed motor with quick-stop function I...

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5-year warranty for your Power Tools. Registration made simple. TRUMPF Power Tools are "made in Switzerland" and meet high quality standards. Our products have been appreciated in a wide range of sectors for a number of years. You can always rely on our machines during your day-to-day operations. But there is more: you can extend your Power Tool warranty to 5 years. Completely free of charge. All you have to do is register your Power Tool within 4 weeks of the purchase date. The quickest and easiest way to obtain the 5-year warranty is online registration at...

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The new TRUMPF boxes. Particular strengths: ■ High-quality and stable machine protection ■ Even different sized TRUMPF boxes can be interconnected ■ Special sealing technology enables the boxes to be individually opened when connected ■ Several machines can be transported by simply connecting the TRUMPF boxes

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Systemised - the robust TRUMPF boxes The new TRUMPF box system for TruTool Power Tools is stable and shock-proof. The boxes are made of 100% ABS plastic so they protect the tools against shocks, water spray, dust and other environmental influences. Simple to connect and carry The TRUMPF boxes – even different box sizes – can be stacked on top of one another and interconnected by a simple twist. This feature is particularly helpful for construction site operations. It enables you to save time as you can transport several tools simultaneously. The TruTool Power Tools can be transported...

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External dimensions mm: Internal dimensions mm: Weight kg: Order number Electric version TruTool C 160 Battery version TruTool C 160 Option Handle

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TRUMPF slitting shears: Quick & Easy TRUMPF slitting shears are in use in a wide variety of industries, such as drywall construction, facade construction, ventilation and air channel construction, and chassis and aircraft manufacture. They feature both high speed and distortion free cutting, and it‘s especially simple to work with them. Thanks to the quick-release locking bolt, you can change the blade in only 15 seconds without using tools. The cutters are also easy to replace – you can even turn them to double their service life

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Fast and easy to handle. Particular strengths: The view of the workpiece is optimum, allowing you to cut ■ Distortion free, high quality cutting along scribed lines, whether straight or curved, with precision. ■ I deal for interior cutouts and notchings An integrated chip clipper allows you to pull the machine out ■ Accurate starting and cutting of the workpiece at any time and restart the cut. This makes it ■ Machine can be pulled out of the workpiece the ideal tool for notching and interior cuts. and restarted ■ No setup adjustments required ■ High cutting speed ■ T he right blade for...

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