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TruPunch - 1

A new standard in punching ­efficiency. Machine Tools / Power Tools Laser Technology / Electronics

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TruPunch - 2

Uniquely ­efficient. Contents Uniquely efficient.  Punching tools and accessories.  Intelligent punching.  Totally flexible.  TruPunch machines from TRUMPF offer you the flexibility to process a diverse range of parts. The many and varied appli­ ations c stretch from simple to complex sheet metal parts with serial ­ forming and excellent surface and edge quality. This means you can process a multitude of different parts entirely on one machine – and fully automated if desired. TruPunch machines are extremely economical and efficient. They provide particular savings in their use of energy...

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TruPunch - 3

TruPunch 1000 Economical entry-level machine. This versatile machine offers an ideal start to punching. It is particularly easy to operate, offers good value for money, and takes up little space. TruPunch 2000 Powerful basic machine. The compact TruPunch 2000 paves the way for the automated p ­ unching world of TRUMPF. Being highly productive and flexible, the machine manufactures a wide range of parts – and at a very attractive price. TruPunch 3000 Resource-efficient universal machine. With skeleton-free processing, the TruPunch 3000 has material savings of 10% on average. Its clever...

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TruPunch - 4

Profitable machining of standard contours and formed sections. Punch in three dimensions. The punching head is well suited for holes as well as for t ­ hree-dimensional geometries. You can process parts entirely on one machine, with no need for downstream work steps. Flexible and cost-efficient with 360° tool rotation. Versatile forming. High-speed processing. First-class punch contours. Fast changeover times. Both stable and accessible. The design principle of all TruPunch machines is an open C frame. This means the machines and workpieces are accessible from three sides. There is plenty...

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TruPunch - 5

Punching tools and accessories. Wide selection of high-quality punching tools. For over 40 years, TRUMPF has been providing its customers with top-quality punching tools and much more. No matter what challenges you face, we offer a wide range of support – from technical consulting to design assistance, right on to the prompt delivery of your tools. Punching tools: Within our leading “Classic” tool system roller technology. In addition, we also offer you the appropriate we offer a wide range of shapes and coatings as well as solution for specialized applications such as deburring. free punch...

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TruPunch - 6

Intelligent punching. The wear-free ram guidance system combined with the mechanism that actively With 360° rotation, you can punch at whatever angle you like. r ­ etracts the punch ensures accurate results and maximum process reliability. Versatile and cost-efficient with 360° tool rotation. Tools fit snugly into the punching head. One of the biggest advantages of the head design is that it can rotate any tool to the ­ ngle a that is required, regardless of the tool’s shape, size or position in the magazine. Benefits of 360° rotation at a glance: Ability to position tools at any angle....

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TruPunch - 7

Totally flexible. Skeleton-free processing The scrap skeleton that remains on the machine in a conventional production strategy is time-consuming to remove. In skeleton-free processing, by contrast, the sheet is totally pierced, leaving not even an edge strip behind. This offers multiple advantages. Finished parts can be unloaded Common cuts ensure optimal Working without a scrap ­ with higher process reliability. material usage. skeleton increases safety. Small parts are unloaded reliably Residual pieces of sheet metal even when the part chute is sheet utilization reduces ­material costs....

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TruPunch - 8

TruPunch 1000: Benefits at a glance. Control is intuitive and easy to operate. Low operating costs, even at low capacity. Excellent part quality. The most versatile machine in its class. Minimal footprint.

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TruPunch - 9

Tools and technologies used: Punching, roller deburring, forming: thread with Technology used: Roller technology. upward and downward extrusion, upward thread punching, cup, clip and hinge, bridges, MultiBend, embossing. Economical entry-level machine. The TruPunch 1000 is the ideal punching machine for first-time professional users. It requires a minimum of space and is very easy to operate, yet is capable of handling the full range of basic applications of a TRUMPF punching machine: You can process a complete medium-format sheet with one single clamping operation and without...

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TruPunch - 11

Technical data: TruPunch 1000 small format Work area (X x Y) Capacity Max. sheet thickness Max. punching force Max. presser foot force Max. stroke rate when punching (E = 1 mm) Max. stroke rate when marking Tools Linear magazine No. when using MultiTool MultiTool 15 tools with 2 clamps (optional 3rd clamp) 15 – 150 5 / 10 station Tool change time Single tool Programmable unloading of parts Max. part size when using fixed chute Max. part size when using moving table Space requirements[3] Including safety barriers Power consumption Average power consumption during production Active...

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TruPunch - 12

TruPunch 2000: Benefits at a glance. Powerful basic machine. The compact TruPunch 2000 paves the way for the automated Compact automation. Optimum part quality. Full machining flexibility. Highest productivity in its class. High resource efficiency. punching world of TRUMPF – and at a very attractive price. When required, it delivers high productivity around the clock.

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TruPunch - 13

Productive manufacturing. Flexibility and quality down to the finest detail. ­ With the TruPunch 2000 you will be able to manufacture cost- Brush tables with loading and unloading aids help you to effectively even at low utilization rates due to its low investment h ­ andle materials gently while manufacturing. The large and operating costs. Productive processing is ensured by: selection of high-quality TRUMPF tools enables you to process a wide range of parts with great flexibility and top-quality Dynamic drives with performance at the level of results. You can also benefit from our...

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