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TruLaser - 1

Cost-effective cutting through thick and thin

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TruLaser - 2

The best solution for your application The right laser for your cutting application, the right machine for your production, the automation that matches your material flow – this is what TRUMPF delivers. Our large range of laser utting c machines assures that you receive the right product. The vital questions for choosing the right machine are about your situation: What are your requirements regarding material and uality? q How high is your average capacity? What do you need to make your manufacturing as cost- effective as possible? Laser cutting is not only about cutting times. The entire...

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TruLaser - 3

Choose the laser that best suits your application. Design your processes efficiently and use the full potential of your machine. More output with intelligent functions 8 – 9 Get to know the TruLaser machines. Our machines in detail 10 – 27 In this section you can find an overview of the technical details of all TruLaser machines. Technical data 28 – 31 Select the right automation solution or switch directly over to the fully automatic laser machine. Automation and TruLaser Center 7030 32 – 37 With our TruConnect solutions, we support you every step of the way to implementation of your Smart...

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TruLaser - 4

CO2 or solid-state: The right ty The question of the right beam source arises in almost every machine purchase. There is no g eneral right or wrong answer. Different factors are important. TRUMPF offers the entire s pectrum of beam sources for 2D laser cutting – your material mix, your sheet thicknesses and your quality requirements decide which laser your TRUMPF advisor will recommend. CO2 lasers: Consistently perfect edges CO2 lasers are an established type of industrial laser, featuring high durability and robustness. The cut edges they produce are of such high quality that reworking is...

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TruLaser - 5

pe of laser The TRUMPF advantage Solid-state lasers: Highly productive all-rounders Solid-state lasers are fast, especially when used on thin sheet. This is made p ossible by the wavelength of the light it emits – the material absorbs this w avelength to a greater extent than the wavelength of a CO2 laser. The laser i njects more energy into the sheet metal so it can be cut faster. Areas of application Unlike CO2 lasers, solid-state lasers are also suitable for cutting copper or brass. Select the right laser power for your productivity requirements – and you are perfectly equipped for all...

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TruLaser - 6

CO2 or solid-state: Differences When selecting a laser, one criterion is often particularly important – the cut edge. Consider these comparisons between edges: Stainless steel and non-ferrous metal Solid-state laser Fusion cutting with BrightLine Fusion cutting with BrightLine fiber Fusion cutting with BrightLine Fusion cutting with BrightLine fiber Fusion cutting Fusion cutting 2.5 mm Fusion cutting The result: CO2 laser: Exceptional part quality with extremely smooth and partly reflective edges – with B rightLine for thick sheet metal, and without BrightLine for thin sheet metal....

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TruLaser - 7

Structural steel CO2 laser Solid-state laser Flame cutting with BrightLine Flame cutting with BrightLine fiber Flame cutting Flame cutting Fusion cutting Fusion cutting The result: CO2 laser: When carrying out flame cutting (with oxygen), both laser beam sources achieve the same level of quality. When carrying out fusion cutting (with nitrogen), the CO2 laser outperforms the solid-state laser. Solid-state laser: slight burr forms when carrying out fusion cutting. A Please note: In these part images, the underside is shown facing upwards. This provides you with a better view of the slight...

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TruLaser - 8

Products – Intelligent functions More output with intelligent functions Preparing How is my machine doing? The light on the Condition Guide shows you at a glance the status of important elements that affect the cutting ability of the machine; if necessary, the program provides you with r ecommended courses of action and generates predictions of when maintenance will be equired. r Are my nozzles working properly? If not, this can lead to burr formation, resulting in parts requiring reworking or reject parts. Smart Nozzle Automation switches to the correct nozzle and checks the nozzle status...

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TruLaser - 9

Intelligent functions – Products What good is having the quickest machine if your parts keep tipping over? With 2D laser cutting machines, downtimes can quickly take up half of your working time. These downtimes are spent setting up your machine, sorting or rectifying faults. This is why it makes sense to shorten your entire process and permanently ensure that power is converted into output – with intelligent functions from TRUMPF. Starting the subsequent process How can I prevent collisions? With Smart Collision Prevention: Your machine manufactures parts and inside ontours in c a sequence...

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TruLaser - 10

Your business, your choice

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TruLaser - 11

Choose the right laser machine, and use it to its full potential: In a solution that gives you the boost you need to achieve the best possible performance. Because the entire process is what matters, not just the cutting operation.

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TruLaser - 12

Products – TruLaser Series 1000 Cost-effective and productive with Highspeed Eco and Drop&Cut Robust and reliable thanks to CoolLine and collision protection

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TruLaser - 13

TruLaser Series 1000 – Products A cut above the rest: You can perform laser cutting at the push of a button with the new TruLaser Series 1000. It provides many technological functions and is already worthwhile, even at low utilization levels thanks to the low i nvestment and operating costs combined with maximum throughput and TRUMPF’s high quality standard. Easy to operate and network due to the touch display and Central Link 03 Top parts quality with BrightLine fiber

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TruLaser - 14

Products – TruLaser Series 1000 Cost-effective and productive with Highspeed Eco and Drop&Cut You will set speed records with the Highspeed Eco cutting process: Depending on the sheet thickness, the feed rate increases by up to 70%. In addition, you achieve cutting gas savings of around 60%. Drop&Cut helps you make optimal use of remainder sheets. This saves material and time. A camera projects the image of the machine interior onto your user interface, and you can arrange part geometries on the remainder sheet as needed. Reduced cutting gas consumption despite increased productivity: with...

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