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VIN Marker - 1

Secure in-line VIN deep engraving

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VIN Marker - 2

With the VIN Marker, the VIN marking on your timed production line is performed by deep laser engraving. Laser VIN marking increases the efficiency of your production line, thereby reducing manufacturing costs. You achieve this due to less downtime (e.g. on account of needle breakage), shorter setup times and less finishing. Integrating the VIN Marker into your timed production is very easy, as the VIN Marker allows for communication via fieldbus systems such as Profinet. Safety in your production environment and the associated costs are a key issue. Our VIN Marker is a product in which all...

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VIN Marker - 3

Created for efficiency Short cycle times due to special laser equipment Shorter setup time thanks to contactless engraving Depending on project implementation, the VIN Marker requires only about 15 seconds of laser time for a complete VIN. The interaction of safety cone, exhaust system and air assist ensures that smoke and particles are efficiently removed and the greatest possible laser power strikes the material. This enables the short cycle times. Unlike other engraving technologies, the chassis does not have to be fixed in place, since the laser operation is contactless. Moreover, it...

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VIN Marker - 4

Designed for safety Operation in laser class 1 The VIN Marker can be integrated so that it may be operated in laser class 1. The VIN Marker’s local safety cone saves you the costs of an additional laser safety housing. Operation in laser class 1 has been tested by independent third parties. Complete, comprehensive safety documentation It goes without saying that Trotec supplies complete safety documentation for the VIN Marker. It includes, among other things, installation declaration, assembly manual and Sistema module. The complete assembly manual with step-by-step instructions provides...

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VIN Marker - 5

Many decades of experience in laser integration We have been producing laser systems for industrial environments for several decades. A team of specialists is available to support your project. Trotec is part of TroGroup, a proprietor-managed company that has been operating for over 100 years

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VIN Marker - 6

More than just a laser Trotec has always considered laser systems to be a total package. Because our customers are specialists in their fields and do not want to have to focus on the finer points of laser marking. That's why the VIN Marker is more than just a laser. It is a complete package: Available worldwide Trotec is an internationally leading developer and manufacturer of laser machines and is headquartered in Marchtrenk, Austria. The birth of laser technology in the corporate group was back in 1991, when the then revolutionary idea of using CO2 lasers to produce text panels precisely...

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VIN Marker - 7

Applied standard and guidelines Laser source Max. pulse energy Max. average output power Wavelength Cooling Connection pack for head/rack Marking field with laser protection Connection rack/rack Focal distance Laser rack Safety cone Operating surroundings of marking head Operating environment racks I EC EN 60825-1 Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG Operation in laser class 1 when integrated according to the installation declaration As delivered, laser class 4 with installation declaration Pulsed Yb-fiber laser 2mJ 200 W 1064 nm Actively air cooled Fiber length: ~ 8.3m Connection cable set : ~...

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VIN Marker - 8

Trotec Laser GmbH Solutions Tel +49 7544 95 48 60

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