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U Series Simply laser marking

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Precise marking – even with the smallest font sizes Marking in recesses thanks to long focus distance Permanent marking by re-colouring of plastics Marking individual individual pieces The U300 is an advanced galvo laser system Exceptional flexibility for various geometries characterized by high-speed performance, designed for permanent marking and engraving. • Excellent for lasering individual pieces and small batches in a matter of seconds • Compact design, featuring a working area up to 190 x 190 mm (7.5 x 7.5 in) • Ideal choice for promotional product companies, engravers specializing...

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Cutting-edge laser software Our Ruby® laser software ensures seamless connectivity and compatibility, making design import and transmission swift and efficient from anywhere and with any device. Choose U300 to enhance your laser marking and engraving operations with precision, productivity, and a complete business solution. A single software for your Trotec machine fleet Ruby®, developed by Trotec, is laser software designed to be compatible across various machines. This enables efficient operation of numerous Trotec lasers. Users of Speedy lasers equipped with Ruby® software can easily...

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Key Features and Options Marked in seconds Mark your objects contactless with the rapid processing speed of our galvo laser machines. Precision labeling, even with the smallest fonts, is completed within seconds. This unparalleled speed, in conjunction with the streamlined workflow and efficiency of our laser software Ruby®, guarantees a significant boost in your productivity. Save time with bordermarking A special highlight of the U300 marking laser is the preview of the designated marking area. The contours of the design are projected onto the component. For correct positioning, the...

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Effortless data processing Process data directly from CSV and use the dynamic data function for your data plates. This function allows you to personalize separate parts automatically with consistent data in a serial production. Do the programming and processing of all dynamic data directly in the laser software - without the help of third-party programs. Ideal for small and medium quantities. A reliable investment The U300, made with premium components, ensures a lifetime of durability. Its robust design includes a fiber laser source and a housing with the highest European quality...

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Metals suitable for laser engraving and marking: • Stainless steel • Steel and hard metals • Aluminum and anodized aluminum • Precious metals • Brass • Copper • Titanium and titanium alloys • Other metals Plastics that are suitable for laser marking: • Polyamide (PA) • Polycarbonate (PC) • Polyoxymethylene (POM) • Polyarylsulfones (PSU, PPSU) • Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer (ABS) • Polyimide (PI) • Polymethylmetacrylate (PMMA) • Polyester (PES) •

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Weight laser rack 20 kg

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Trotec Laser GmbH Austria T +43 7242 239-7777 info@troteclaser.com Trotec Laser, Inc. USA T: 866-226-8505 sales@troteclaser.com Trotec Laser Canada Canada T: +1 800 663 1149 canada@troteclaser.com Trotec Laser Ltd United Kingdom T +44 (0)191 580 1182 enquiries@troteclaser.co.uk Trotec Laser Pty Ltd T: 1300 876 832 / +612 64135904 info@troteclaser.com.au Trotec Laser South Africa South Africa T +27/11/262-1400 info@troteclaser.co.za f /TrotecLaser /@TrotecLaserEngraving /company/troteclaser /troteclaser/(Instagram) /@troteclaser (TikTok ramjet Subject to change without notice. Errors and...

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