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Speedy Series - 1

trotec Speedy Series Laser Engraving Systems Profitability by Design

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Speedy Series - 2

Profitability By Design The Speedy series of laser engravers will inspire you with their speed, smart features and innovative technical design. For sign makers, graphic artists, schools and universities, creative or industrial users, our world-class solutions provide a true competitive advantage. Personalization or customization creates significant added value for products made of wood, plastic or glass. Laser processing achieves crystal clear cut edges with no additional material processing required on acrylics. Serial numbers on metal parts are permanently marked for traceability....

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Speedy Series - 3

The „Speedy“ has been the fastest laser engraver on the market since its market launch in 1999 and continues to set new standards. Its current engraving speed is 4.3 m/second at 5g acceleration. The patented InPack Technology™ guarantees maximum runtime of the axles for reliable production. Bi-directional communication allows flexibility and control between the laser and software. With a CO2 and a fiber laser source in one laser machine, the patented Trotec „Speedy Flexx“ innovation offers endless application possibilities. Ruby® - the most intelligent laser software - and Speedy 400 - the...

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Speedy Series - 4

Personalization with laser engraving Added value for the customer, more profit for the engraver Products that include a personal dedication are gaining in popularity. An engraver’s field of application is very diverse. Companies and end customers can increase their business by expanding their product range. The offer for end customers is as varied as the materials. Whether you are talking about picture frames, wine glasses or pens – a personal dedication with names, text, logos or photos make these types of items very unique. Personalized signs, stamps, medals and trophies, data plates or...

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Speedy Series - 5

Finest geometries with highest precision on paper Unique designs for wooden jewelry Attention to details on leather Unique items for customers, higher profits for the artisan Unique, individual and personal – people are putting value on the qualitative and quantitative value of handicraft work today and prefer creative individual items. Customized jewelry, gifts with a personal touch or decorative accessories for interior design are some of the most popular customer requests. Practically any design can be implemented with a laser. With individuality and attention to detail, products or...

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Speedy Series - 6

Added value through laser engraving of promotional items Economical production and consistent quality In the promotional merchandise industry, ballpoint pens, USB sticks and bottles are made of various materials such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum or other coated metals. Promotional materials made of wood such as chopping boards, knives or key fobs are also becoming increasingly popular. The goal is always durable, elegant and sustainable lettering. The challenge lies in the fact that the products often differ significantly in material, size and shape. With a laser machine, all parts...

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Speedy Series - 7

Within seconds from idea to reality Highest precision in model making The tool for rapid prototyping The ideal tool for prototyping and digital fabrication FabLabs, Maker Spaces, schools and universities use lasers in model making, industrial design, prototyping and also with many other DIY ideas and across many departments. The incredible and inspirational design possibilities offered by laser technology are also ideal for all types of art and design projects. Laser machines are used here to process a variety of different materials such as MDF, cardboard, or polystyrene. Laser technology...

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Speedy Series - 8

Endless Application Possibilities The Speedy laser engraving and cutting systems are the universal tool for many materials and applications. Expand your range with new product ideas. Single pieces, small batches and large series can be produced inexpensively with a laser machine. Speedy lasers are used in many different applications. Relief engraving on wood Laser engraving of data plates Laser engraving anodized aluminum Personalize awards and trophies Crystal clear cut edges on acrylic signs Photo engraving on acrylic

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Speedy Series - 9

Personalize glasses with names and designs Personalize promotional items Wooden and acrylic coaster with inlay Arts & crafts: Jewelry finishing Personalize stone like marble or slate Laser engrave stamp text plates Refine textiles like microfiber Engraving materials – laser engrave laminates

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Speedy Series - 10

Customer Statements „Investing in new machines, software and personnel is the key to keeping up with customers‘ requirements. Fortunately, we can usually meet all customer requirements, partly thanks to the two laser machines that we have.“ Loek Stultiens - Stultiens Group, The Netherlands „The Solid Wood is very, very high-quality timber, and it lends itself well to the laser. When you put it in the machine, there is never any warpage – it’s just great!“ John Voegeler - Voegeler Creations, Australia „Trotec machines are workhorses. You load them and they work“ Ria Kraftt - Visual...

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Speedy Series - 11

"The operability of Trotec products is very good. Furthermore, I have been very impressed by the processing speed of the new Speedy 400 that the university has just installed. Its speed in itself really helps us out.” Assistant Professor Keita Aoshima – School of Architecture, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan „We opted for the Speedy Laser from Trotec because it offered the best price-performance ratio. The TroCare Service Package and the proximity of Trotec Laser also had a strong influence on our purchase decision. Since then, Trotec has proven to be the right choice for PROMOT.“...

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Speedy Series - 12

Impressive Material Diversity With the Speedy series of laser machines, you can engrave, cut or mark the widest possible range of materials. The palette ranges from glass, plastic or wood, rubber, leather and metals to textiles, cardboard and MDF. Discover the possibilities.

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