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laser, marking cutting engraving The new dimension in laser processing Easy access to work area Flexible table design Efficient engraving delivering reduced processing costs Available with C02 laser, fiber laser or both

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More Speedy than ever The Speedy 400 is the new dimension in laser processing, offering maximum usability and fl exibility, with the power to ncrease your overall production capacity and efficiency. The Speedy 400 has no front bar, which means operators have easy access to the work area. Loading and unloading bulky jobs and the optional rotary attachment has never been easier. In addition, engraving and cutting jobs can be set upquickly enabling even more ease of use for the operator. Speedy 400 is available with a C02 laser, a fiber laser or both aser sources in one laser system. Optimised...

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Protects the environment and your wallet With the ISO 14001:2004 certificate in 2008 Trotee has been underlining the commitment to environmenta protection as the only manufacturer of laser systems. The "Efficient Engraving" function is the next consequent step Efficiency is a standard at Trotee. Efficient engraving optimised the energy consumption of your laser system and protects the environment more than any other laser system on the market. Less energy consumption also means less energy costs resulting in more money in your wallet. InPack Technology InPack-Technology is a combination of...

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—^ The technology inside Speedy 400 Speedy 400 Speedy 400 fiber Speedy 400 flexx We can reccomend the right laser system for you. Contact us for a demo, send us S samples or contact us to find out which Trotee laser is right for your business. Application examples C02 Laser Trotee Produktions u. Vertriebs GmbH Linzer Str. 156, A-4600 Wels, trotec@troteclaser.com

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