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SpeedMarker Series - 1

SpeedMarker Series Laser marking systems Created for automation

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SpeedMarker Series - 2

Created for Automation The use of the laser markers of the SpeedMarker series leads to enormous productivity, supports automation processes and inspires by the simple handling - both in data preparation and in daily work. By marking dynamic data and endless possibilities with AdvancedScripting, the SpeedMarker series is exactly the right choice for machine manufacturers, toolmakers, engravers and job shoppers. Individual components as well as large batch sizes are marked with a laser class 2 system for complete traceability, brand communication or with functional markings. This saves time...

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SpeedMarker Series - 3

The laser processing cells also offer maximum flexibility in terms of size and number of components. Especially with SpeedMarker 1300, SpeedMarker 1350 and SpeedMarker 1600, individual large or heavy components can be handled just as easily as a large number of small components in trays. Complex marking sequences are efficiently created with the SpeedMark® software thanks to visual programming and predefined program modules. The variable axes and the segmentation options make it possible to string together several marking areas on components.This also applies to the laser markers of the...

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SpeedMarker Series - 4

Efficient and Permanent Direct Marking When Marking Tools Complete traceability and identification of various components and tools The direct marking of components and machine parts ensures that the highest quality standards are met in various industries. This ensures the complete traceability and identification of various components and tools. The batch size plays a subordinate role here - regardless of whether it is a matter of a few different components in large quantities or a large number of different tools in small series. With the machines of the SpeedMarker series and the associated...

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SpeedMarker Series - 5

Perfectly readable codes on automotive parts Branding on plastic power plugs Mark any kind of information on any part Direct marking of machine parts add-on parts Especially in mechanical engineering, there is a multitude of functional and optical markings that must be clearly traceable. Machine parts and add-on parts such as type plates are marked directly and contain important information for the further manufacturing process or for traceability at the customer. This is precisely why the permanent marking of flexible contents, e.g. sequential numbers, on anodised aluminium, stainless...

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SpeedMarker Series - 6

High-Contrast Plastic Marking in the Electronics Industry Clear markings on single pieces or large batches The laser markers of the SpeedMarker series are also suitable for customers who want to mark a large number of identical components in a very short time. Especially in the electronics industry, Trotec's laser markers convince with their precise marking on different plastics, even in the smallest font sizes. Nevertheless, the large number of identical parts must be marked clearly and traceably and the workflow must be adapted to the industrial environment of large companies. Due to the...

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SpeedMarker Series - 7

Typeplates for machines from coated metals Plastic labels “Kiss-cut” Annealing on stainless steel Individual promotional items or changing data in large quantities Regardless of whether individual promotional items are personalized or order marking with changing data is carried out in large quantities. In the case of engravers, individual inscriptions are applied to usually inexpensive source products in order to generate additional added value. In the advertising industry, large quantities are marked with the same text modules. For contract engravers it depends on the duration of the...

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SpeedMarker Series - 8

Endless Application Possibilities SpeedMarkers help meet a variety of manufacturing requirements for direct marking, asset management, unique identification and more. From automatic code generation and serial number generation to embedding data from external systems such as SAP systems, everything is possible. In addition, the software module SpeedMark® Vision stands for precise, camera-assisted positioning of markings on components. High-contrast plastic marking with MOPA Laser Pin sharp labelling on different levels Color change of plastics Engraving type plates Marking medical...

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SpeedMarker Series - 9

Precise laser marking on steel One hundred percent identification Deep engraving in metal Inscription of inner radius Smallest font sizes on electronic components Individualization in large quantities Marking according to the strictest guidelines

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SpeedMarker Series - 10

Customer Statements Engine specialist Van der Graaf uses Trotec SpeedMarker series marking lasers for flexible marking of components and nameplates. "We use the SpeedMarker 700 to mark the brand and logo on our motors, along with all its specifications and certifications. The system is fully integrated with our ERP, once we scan the work order all the info is automatically pulled. Trotec offers impeccable support especially in the early stages of programming and calibration. The SpeedMarker 700 offers the highest quality of marking on stainless steel and mild steel units. " George Barbuc -...

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SpeedMarker Series - 11

AVK Plastics from the Netherlands are using five laser systems for marking their plastic pallets. “We have chosen for laser systems, because it's a one time investment. In the past we used stickers, but the costs for materials are recurring and the chance of malfunction is higher. The lasers are now only used for marking the pallets, but in the near future we would like to expand that to other products. We've chosen Trotec, because we wanted quality as well as know-how. Of course we made a comparison between several laser producers, but the quality of the Trotec marking was the best one. We...

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SpeedMarker Series - 12

Ideal for Almost All Metals and Plastics Trotec's SpeedMarkers meet a wide range of demanding and unique requirements for industrial marking on various surfaces. It works with many different metals and plastics, resulting in superior application results. Markings are used to mark codes, serial numbers or other dynamic content for tracking, as well as to mark logos or text for functional marking or to protect against imitation.

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