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SP Series - 1

SP Series The Standard in Laser Finishing for Signage and Display

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SP Series - 2

The Standard in Laser Finishing for Signage and Display The SP series laser cutters provide a complete solution for processing large format materials. Whether for display production and shop fitting, print service providers, POP/POS applications or technical textiles, our laser systems are developed for 24/7 operation and let you work quickly, productively and reliably. SP2000 Makes your production more efficient SP3000 The standard in large format laser cutting

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SP Series - 3

As a technology leader with a worldwide sales network, Trotec develops and produces first-class laser system solutions to make our customers more profitable. This also applies to the SP series laser cutters for fast and precise processing of large format materials. In addition to the highest cutting performance on the entire processing area, our industryleading SP Series laser cutters offer a number of productivityboosting advantages, including four-sided access, loading and unloading during material processing, and tandem assist, and integration into your data workflow thanks to RIP and...

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SP Series - 4

Laser Cutting in Display and Shop Fitting Produce perfectly polished acrylic edges in a single process step Acrylic is a popular material in display and store design. Here, the laser cutter automatically produces a flame-polished cutting edge. Milling, on the other hand, often requires time-consuming and costly manual polishing. Manual polishing is a time-consuming step, and it also involves the risk that you may damage or destroy the workpiece in the process. Laser cutting reduces the costs for acrylic processing up to 88% compared to milling. The use of a laser cutter in display and store...

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SP Series - 5

Contour cut of printed signs Laser cut letters for indoor or outdoor advertising Adding value with print & cut applications More productivity, added value, lower costs Ad designers and print shops need a reliable cutting process and consistent product quality. With the universally applicable „laser“ tool, the most filigree designs can be created from different materials such as plastic, wood or printed acrylic. Print service providers have clearly set themselves apart from the competition by implementing creative design ideas. Productivity is a plus: Compared to milling, laser cutting of...

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SP Series - 6

Laser Processing in Furniture Construction and Interior Design Precisely fitting inlays and unlimited design possibilities Innovative ideas and flexible production are what count in furniture construction and interior design. With laser technology - thanks to the unlimited design possibilities - a multitude of design concepts can be realized. The laser convinces with precisely fitting inlay work, finest geometries as well as the fine structuring of wood. The combination of laser engraving and laser cutting, for example, turns high-quality wall panels into pieces of artwork. Acoustic panels...

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SP Series - 7

Permanently consistent cutting results Highest quality display protection films Kiss cut applications fast and reliable Reliable cutting process with free design of the contour For technical plastics, whether films or sheet material, laser technology convinces with permanently consistent cutting results. The non-contact manufacturing process eliminates tool wear - while maintaining the high quality of the end products. The digital machining process allows innovative shapes and high flexibility - even for small batches. The user is not limited by the tool when selecting the contour, as is...

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SP Series - 8

Endless Application Possibilities The SP series are CO2 laser cutting machines for large format materials. As highly efficient flatbed systems, they convince in the most demanding cutting applications with the most diverse materials. From acrylic and paper to plastic and wood to textiles and many other materials, the flexibility of our laser cutters makes you flexible in your possibilities. Print&Cut displays in unusual shapes Flame polished cut edges without post processing for acrylic displays Interior signage laser cut and engraved Acrylic illuminated letters Adding value with Print &...

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SP Series - 9

Crystal clear cut edges with up to 25 mm acrylic Finishing of technical film applications Cutting of technical textiles Filigree patterns on surfaces or furniture Detailed architectural models made of a wide variety of materials Cut polyester cover for light boxes Individual laser cutting for sample production Produce partition walls at low cost

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SP Series - 10

Customer Statements Mister Druck provides on-demand digital printing on large-format plate and roll materials of various materials to resellers and chain stores. „Compared to our router, the SP3000 laser cutter enabled us to achieve an enormous increase in turnover, as it was only through the laser that we were able to accept the offered acrylic product order. We were able to increase the acrylic production volume from 10m² per week to currently 1,200 to 1,500 m² per week. In addition to this increase, we were able to reduce the reject rate from 20% to 1%. The required product quality...

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SP Series - 11

Graffiti Shield provides anti-graffiti and surface protection films. They currently work with two SP2000 laser machines to create customized solutions. „Before purchasing a Trotec laser system, we manufactured antigraffiti films using other technologies such as knife cutters and CNC machines. For a time, those technologies were producing adequate quality, but were not able to achieve OEM quality standards that some of our clients required. Reaching out to Trotec we found that the SP2000 was able to increase cut quality to meet OEM standards, accommodate anti-graffiti shield sheet sizes for...

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SP Series - 12

Impressive Material Diversity With the SP series laser machines, you can cut or engrave the widest possible range of materials. The palette ranges from acrylic, plastic or wood, cardboard, MDF, textiles to foils. Discover the possibilities.

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SP Series - 13

Plastics Acrylic (PMMA) Acrylonitrile butadiaene styrene copolymer (ABS) Engraving plastics (laminates) Polyamide (PA) Polybutylenterephthalat (PBT) Polycarbonate (PC) Polyethylene (PE) Polyester (PES) Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Polyimide (PI) Polyoxymethylene (POM) e.g. Delrin® Polypropylene (PP) Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) Polystyrene (PS) Polyurethane (PUR) foam Foam (PVC free) PETG (modified PET) Felt Microfiber Spacer fabrics Leather Artifical leather Natural fiber (e.g. cotton, linnen) Aramid Miscellaneous Cardboard Paper Please note that certain types of material should not be...

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