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Did you know hoses can leak when there is a wide • tilize a patented sealing ring technology that self U adjusts automatically as thermal cycling occurs variation in underhood temperatures? This thermal expansion and contraction loosens hose clamps over time. And when leaks happen, it is usually something critical. But the engineers at Ideal Clamp Products, Inc. have solved this problem by designing a new hybrid smart clamp. Now you can purchase a hose clamp that • xpand or contract as the sealed joint changes, E maintaining a constant, steady pressure 360 degrees around the connection • roduce a sealing o-ring effect that prevents leakage P a whole new way to think about connections because • re much lighter, smarter and more compact than A T-bolt and Belleville clamps • re all stainless steel construction A self-adjusts to the changing underhood environment. It’s

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WAVESEAL 360 ® - 2

Discover the Holding Power of WaveSeal360 Clamps ® Thermal cycling, cold flow and temperature fluctuations are among the main reasons leaks occur. The uniquely engineered profile of the IDEAL-TRIDON® WaveSeal360 hybrid smart clamp secures hose connections and prevents the unwanted flow of fluid and air. Through its patented hybrid technology, this next generation clamp seals in a steady 360-degree pattern in response to pressure and temperature changes. And with its compact design and lower profile, you get an optimal heavy-duty constant tension clamp without all the bulk. ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT...

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WAVESEAL 360 ® - 3

How WaveSeal360 Clamp Systems Beat Standard Clamps IDEAL-TRIDON WaveSeal360 Clamp Systems were designed in response to the leakage attributed to thermal cycling, plus today’s challenging lighter weight and space constraints. Integrated Two-Piece Design WaveSeal360 Clamps are comprised of two main parts, the clamp assembly and the wave ring • The wave ring is high quality stainless steel and inside the clamp Specifically tempered, thin gauge steel reacts to temperatures Becomes a smart clamp on the hose, expanding or contracting with temperatures • The clamp rides on this ring so pressure is...

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WAVESEAL 360 ® - 4

A Proven Design Partner IDEAL-TRIDON® has spent decades engineering the world’s best clamping products, but we also offer customized solutions to fit your demanding applications. We offer a wide range of materials to choose from and can engineer a custom clamping product that meets or exceeds your expectations. In fact, our engineers become your engineers. And they are ready to help you find new ways to build stronger, lighter and more compact clamping assemblies today or for a future project. FIND YOUR PART NUMBER Min (in) Note: We offer custom assembly clips for easy installation via...

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