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HE AV Y D UTY POW ’ R-G E A R RED SHIELD NO-HUB COUPLINGS Prior to the introduction of heavy duty no-hub couplings, a that it fits properly between the locator lug on the fitting locator lug was molded into the cast iron fitting to provide and the pipe. So not only does the Heavy Duty Pow’r- the installer with an indicator for proper coupling Gear coupling solve this problem, it improves the process. installation. After the introduction of heavy duty couplings, It eliminates the need to grind down the lug. In addition, the location of this lug caused a problem. Why? Heavy the coupling has fewer clamps than a conventional duty couplings are wider than standard duty couplings heavy duty, which reduces installation time. So, where and must seal over the lug. This is difficult in that the the contractor must use a heavy duty coupling because irregularity in the fitting surface creates a leak path. The of its structural reinforcement benefit and higher sealing in-field response to this has been for the contractor to capacity, turn to Ideal’s Heavy Duty Pow’r-Gear...the new grind down the lug before installing the coupling. The solution in heavy duty couplings! Heavy Duty Pow’r-Gear coupling solves this problem in P R O V E N

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PRODUCT FEATURES: • 5/8" band width: 11% more sealing surface than conventional HD clamps • 0.028" thick Band • ASTM C564 Gasket • Long Profile Housing: 135% greater number of active threads vs conventional HD clamps • 2 Piece Orbital Formed Housing Assembly vs conventional staked housing design • Housing gauge: 50% greater than conventional HD clamps (0.060" vs 0.040") • All 300 grade SS construction • 5/16" Un-slotted Hex Head Screws • Bi-directional Shield Corrugations: Grips the gasket and keeps it from stretching laterally on the joint • Installation Indicator provides a visual mark...

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