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Critical oil sampling steps taken prior to oil analysis can uncover information necessary to extend the life of your equipment. The oil sampling family of products from Trico will help you achieve the most accurate results to improve equipment reliability and reduce downtime. Regularly scheduled oil sampling can identify contaminants and contamination levels and help you understand current and future equipment requirements and the general quality of lubricant. Trico offers the latest sampling supplies and accessories designed to extract system and component specific samples that are representative and repeatable from the best diagnostic locations. Sampling Ports Pitot Tubes iquid Level Gauge Sampling Ports L Vacuum Pumps Sampling Accessories Extend your equipment life and keep costs down with preventative oil sampling products from Trico. Results of Not Sampling: Benefits: Reduce unscheduled downtime Improve equipment reliability Extend component life Reduce oil disposal costs M inimize manpower costs from oil changes Lower overall operating costs Identify required repairs E stablish known condition of equipment and lubricant C hanging oil too late or early F ailure to recognize a machine malfunction in progress U nscheduled downtime | 1235 Hickory Street | Pewaukee, WI 53072 | Phone 262.691.9336 or 800.558.7008 | Fax 262.691.2576

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Sampling Ports Sample and monitor fluids without shutdown Sample Ports are used for on-line sampling and monitoring of system fluids without system shutdown. The ports incorporate a check valve, for reduction of fluid contamination which is normally closed until open by the sampling adapter when a fluid sample is drawn. They are equipped with a protective dust cap to eliminate ingression of contamination in the system. Pitot Tubes Easily sample fluids from sumps and drain lines Pitot Tubes are designed to provide a safe, simple and effective method of sampling fluids from sumps and...

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