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HIGH VOLUME EASY FLOW The EZI Way to Pump! EZI-action Drum Pumps provide an easy method of dispensing a wide range of liquids including strong acids, alkalis, mild solvents, lubricants, oils, and diesel to name a few, from 5 gallon containers to 55 gallon drums. The patented zero-friction design provides effortless flow of viscous fluids up to 8,800 cps. EZI-action Drum Pumps are ruggedly constructed with polypropylene and polyethylene to perform in hostile conditions. Each EZI-action pump is supplied with the appropriate adapters for quick and easy installation. All EZI-action pumps feature a safety strap, which locks the pump handle in the closed position to prevent accidental discharge of liquids when not in use. COLOR-CODED SAFETY STRAPS Optional color-coding of the Safety Strap, when used in conjunction with fluid transferring and dispensing containers, such as Oil Safe containers, minimize the risk of fluid cross-contamination and insures the right lubricant is inserted into the right piece of equipment. Color-Coded Safety Straps are sold separately, see back page. TRICO CORPORATION

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The EZI-action Drum Pump can be used to pump fluid to remote areas by attaching a hose clamp. ■ Easy to install, safe to use, and simple to maintain ■ Fits 5 to 55 gallon containers - three sizes available ■ Pumps liquid on both the "up" and "down" strokes ■ Sits on the base of the container - eliminates waste in containers ■ Prevents undesired fluid drip ■ Pumps high viscosity liquids ■ Full range of drum attachment fittings available ■ High volume delivery at low pressure makes pumping chemicals safer ■ Optional color-coding system available ■ Not to be used with highly flammable liquids,...

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