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OPTICS & PHOTONICS INDUSTRY Trek designs and manufactures high-voltage, high-bandwidth power supplies and amplifiers. The company also offers electrostatic measurement instrumentation and electrostatic discharge (ESD) products. Products include high voltage power amplifiers, piezo drivers and supplies, as well as charged plate monitors, contacting & non-contacting electrostatic voltmeters, ESD event detectors, ionizers and surface resistivity / resistance meters. Typical Applications in Optics & Photonics: TREK INC SERVING THE NEEDS OF THE Electroluminescence Trek's amplifiers are used to apply an electric current or a strong electric field, to produce an optical phenomenon and electrical phenomenon where a material emits light. Trek Product: 610E Electro-optic Modulation Trek's amplifiers are used to apply high voltage potentials across electro-optic materials to create birefringence in the material. Trek Product: 10/40A, 10/10B-HS, 609E-6,2200 Series Electrophoretic Display Trek's amplifiers control the electric fields across the display to move the charged particles into the desired position to create the image to be displayed. Trek Product: PZD350A, PZD700A, 601C, 677B, PZD2000A, 2200Series Ferroelectric and Smart Material Characterization Trek's amplifiers are used to sweep voltage across these materials while monitoring the current required in order to measure the electrical characteristics and hysteresis of these materials. Trek Product: 610E, 609B-3, 609E-6, 601C, 20/20C Material Poling Trek's voltmeters are used for charge measurements of electrets and corona charged surfaces. Trek Product: 347, 341. Trek amplifiers are also used for periodic poling of nonlinear optical materials and piezoelectric materials. Trek Product: P0621, 20/20C, 10/10B-HS, 623B, 609E-6, 10/40A, 30/20A, 61OE, 2300 Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) Trek's amplifiers are typically used to apply voltages to provide electrostatic attraction or repulsion to control the movement of the micro-mechanical structures. Trek Product: 603, 601C, PZD350A, PZD700A, PZD2000A Non-Thermal Plasma Chemistry Trek provides standard high voltage amplifiers, which are used for R&D of plasma reactors and plasma chemistry processes. Trek, also designs custom power supplies for specific reactor requirements. These amplifiers provide the energy to start and control the plasma generation, which enhances the chemical reaction. Trek Product: 20/20C, 10/10B-HS, 30/20A, 5/80, 10/40A Partial Discharge (dielectric testing) Trek provides high voltage amplifiers that are used to apply AC voltage to insulation systems to create the partial discharges or for high voltage dielectric spectroscopy. The use of AC waveforms at higher frequency provide a higher stress on the insulators as compared to DC voltages or low frequency AC voltages. Trek Product: 30/20A, 20/20C, 10/40A, 10/10B-HS, 610E Piezoelectric Driving & Poling Trek's amplifiers are used in driving of piezoelectric elements and poling of piezoelectric materials. Trek Product: PZD350A, PZD350A M/S, PZD700A, PZD700 M/S, PZD2000A, 2100HF

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Founded on Technology TREK, INC. was established in 1968 to serve the needs of the electrophotography industry for highly accurate, stable, cost-effective measurement instrumentation and devices. Novel probe design technology provided the foundation for the company's first electrostatic voltmeter, which quickly became the industry standard. Trek's design ensures highly accurate measurements under extreme conditions. Growth through Innovation In the decades that followed, Trek established itself as a designer and manufacturer of high quality instrumentation. Innovative designs and...

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