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About Trek: A Successful Company with Acknowledged Leadership Qualities Founded on Technology TREK, INC. was established in 1968 to serve the needs of the electrophotography industry for highly accurate, stable, costeffective measurement instrumentation and devices. Novel probe design technology provided the foundation for the company's first electrostatic voltmeter, which quickly became the industry standard. Trek's design ensures highly accurate measurements under extreme conditions. Growth through Innovation In the decades that followed, Trek established itself as a designer and manufacturer of high quality instrumentation. Innovative designs and unique solutions have fueled product development over the years. Trek developed the world's first allsolid-state, high-voltage, high-speed, DCstable amplifier, which is now the product of choice for medium-current ion implantation systems in semiconductor fabrication facilities around the world. As a result of Trek's close working relationship with its customers, new designs are constantly being created to answer the needs of industry and R&D. Technical Expertise and Application Knowledge Our scientifically based measurement expertise, coupled with our application knowledge, has enabled us to establish an enviable position in the markets we serve. We are the experts when it comes to highly accurate measurement instruments and high voltage amplifiers, and the technology that drives them. Customers can depend on Trek to understand both the technical and practical aspects of an application. In many cases Trek is viewed as a virtual member of the customer's product development team. Investing in the Future In response to the needs of the marketplace, Trek recently established the Trek Technology Center in Lockport, NY as a facility for R&D and Engineering. In addition, a close working relationship with the nearby State University of New York at Buffalo assures that Trek has access to an extensive array of testing equipment and expertise to complement Trek's internal capabilities. To enable future growth for the company, Trek's headquarters and manufacturing recently relocated to a refurbished 40,000 sq ft facility, also in Lockport. Dedicated to Excellence Trek has a well-respected reputation for excellence. We are the premier resource for electrostatic measurement and highvoltage solutions due to our product leadership and engineering excellence. TREK, INC. High-Voltage Power Amplifiers ¨ Power Supplies HV Function Generators ¨ Transconductance Amplifiers Trek developed the world's first all-solid-state, high-voltage (±20 kV), high speed, DC-stable amplifier in 1980. Since then, Trek has continued to design and build high-voltage amplifiers to serve the evolving needs of semiconductor equipment manufacturers and other OEMs with demanding requirements. Trek also provides high-voltage amplifiers to the research community for a variety of applications, such as polymer & ceramic poling, vibration damping, electrophoresis and plasma chemistry. Trek's amplifiers, using 4-quadrant output drive, are specifically designed to drive reactive as well as resistive loads with high slew rates, wide bandwidth and excellent stability. Models are now available from ±50 V to ±50 kV DC or peak AC. See table inside for Trek's current models. Several models are highlighted below. Trek Model 615-10 (formerly PM04015A) is a precision high-voltage AC/DC generator and amplifier system used in a broad range of R&D and production applications which include providing operating potentials required for electrostatic charger roller devices as used in electrophotographic processes (20 kV peak-to-peak, ±10 mA DC). Three modes of operation include AC/DC Constant Voltage, AC/DC Constant Current, and Amplifier Mode (with or without DC offset bias). The Model 615-10 provides many extra features to provide versatility in operation such as voltage limiting control and current limiting control. Committed to the Global Marketplace Model 615-10 HV AC/DC Generator Long before globalization was popular, TREK, INC. established Trek Japan KK in Tokyo, Japan for the purpose of providing sales, application engineering support and service to customers in Japan and elsewhere in the Pacific Rim region. A global sales and service network now exists enabling Trek to serve the needs of customers throughout the world. Trek Model 10/10B-HS is a DC stable, high-voltage power amplifier capable of precise control of output voltages in the range of 0 to ±10 kV DC or peak AC with an output current range of 0 to ±10 mA or 40 mA peak AC for 1 ms. The Model 10/10B-HS is configured as a non-inverting amplifier with a fixed gain of 1000 V/V. It features an all-solid-state design for high slew rate, wide bandwidth and low-noise operation. A remote high voltage ON/OFF feature provides a connection for a remote device to turn on or turn off the high-voltage output. Model 10/10B-HS HV Power Amplifier Trek’s 2200 Series of High-Voltage Piezo-Driver Amplifiers breaks new ground by offering high performance and attractive pricing. The first three models of this 40 Watt series provide output voltage ranges of ±500 V, ±1 kV and ±2 kV. Trek stands behind this new series with a 2year warranty. The units are also CE marked, RoHS compliant and HALT tested. Copyright Ó 2014 TREK, INC. 1417/JRB Model 2220 Piezo-Driver Amplifier TREK - Experts in Electrostatic Measurement and High-Voltage Power Amplifiers TREK, INC. • 190 Walnut Street • Lockport, NY 14094 USA • 800-FOR TREK +1-716-438-7555 • +1-716-201-1804 (fax) • • Measurement and Power SolutionsTM Some Trek models combine an amplifier with a function generator, thereby providing precision control of output frequencies, voltages and current levels. In some cases Trek Models are utilized as power supplies with the added capability to sink and source current, enabled by Trek's four-quadrant active output stage. Conventional high-voltage power supply designs normally do not provide the capability to sink current, therefore, when reactive or active loads are connected, they can not precisely regulate their outputs. TREK, INC. • 190 Walnut Street • Lockport, NY 14094 • USA • 800-FOR TREK +1- 716-438-7555 • +1-716-201-1804 (fax) • •

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