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PZD2000A Piezo Driver/Amplifier


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PZD2000A Piezo Driver/Amplifier - 1

The Model PZD2000A is a wide bandwidth, high-voltage power amplifier used for precision high power applications. The amplifier incorporates an all-solid-state design for high reliability and low-noise operation. Its four-quadrant output stage sinks as well as sources load current throughout the output voltage range, thus achieving accurate output response and high slew rates, even into highly capacitive loads. • Output Voltage Range: • Output Current Range: • Slew Rate: • Large Signal Bandwidth (3% distortion): • DC Voltage Gain: Key Specifications 0 to ±2 kV DC or peak AC 0 to ±200 mA DC or ±400 mA peak AC. Maximum duration for ±400 mA current pulse is 2 ms at 50% duty cycle using a square wave Greater than 750 V/^s DC to greater than 60 kHz 200 V/V Typical Applications Include • Dielectric material characterization • Polymer and ceramic corona poling • Piezoelectric driving and control Features and Benefits • DC accuracy is better than 0.1% of full scale • Precision voltage and current monitors provide buffered low-voltage representations of the high-voltage output and load current for monitoring purposes, or for use as feedback signals in closed-loop systems • Remote high-voltage ON-OFF suitable for use with automated or computer controlled systems • Output stage fully protected against over voltage and over current conditions that may be generate by active loads, overloads or arcing to ground • Adjustable current limit or current trip level • NIST-traceable Certificate of Certification provided with each unit shipped • CE compliant TREK, INC. • 190 Walnut Street • Lockport, NY 14094 • USA • 800-FOR TREK 716-438-7555 • 716-201-1804 (fax) • •

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PZD2000A Piezo Driver/Amplifier - 2

Performance Output Voltage 0 to ±2 kV DC or peak AC Output Current 0 to ±200 mA DC or ±400 mA peak AC. Range Maximum duration for ±400 mA current pulse is 2 ms at 50% duty cycle using a square wave.* Maximum Power 500 W (real, apparent or reactive). Unit will trip off if internal power dissipation exceed 500 W Input Voltage Range 0 to ±10 V DC or peak AC, noninverting Input Impedance DC Voltage Gain DC Voltage Gain Accuracy DC Offset Voltage Output Noise Slew Rate (10% to 90%, typical) Small Signal Bandwidth (-3dB) Large Signal Bandwidth (3% distortion) Settling Time to...

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