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PD06078 Four Channel ESVM


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PD06078 Four Channel ESVM - 1

• Four Electrostatic Voltmeters in a Single Enclosure • Measurement Range for Each Channel: ±10 kV DC or peak AC • Voltage Output Monitors and 4-20 mA Current Loop outputs provide accurate and concise measurement results for each ESVM channel • Front Panel LED provides visual monitoring for each channel (switch selectable) • Two Types of Probes Available: A Side View Probe and a 45° Angle probe • Chopper probes are DC stable with or without incident air ion flow • Drift-Free Measurements • C€ compliant EOS/ESD Series Model PD06078 Four [4] Channel Electrostatic Voltmeter Trek Model PD06078 Electrostatic Voltmeter (ESVM) is a four channel voltage measuring instrument ideally suited to monitor critical operations associated with semiconductor, LCD, electronic assembly, and other processes where static charge accumulation poses a threat to yield rates or product quality. The Model PD06078 contains four (4) Electrostatic Voltmeters in a single enclosure. Each channel features a measurement range of 0 to ±10 kV and accuracy better than 5% reading plus ±0.2% of full scale over the probe to surface separation distance of 15 to 30 mm. Each channel of the Model PD06078 ESVM utilizes a DC stable electrostatic field chopper probe which can be remotely located and easily positioned within process equipment to provide highly accurate, noncontacting, spacing independent, voltage measurements in either ionized or non-ionized environments. Two types of probes are available with the Model PD06078: a side viewing type probe and a 45 degree orientation type probe. One digital panel meter display (DPM) provides monitoring of individual channels through a switchable rotary switch. A holding fixture (customer supplied) is used to position the probes sensing aperture relative to the measured surface. Trek's patented probe design significantly improves noise and drift performance, both in the presence of contaminating particulates and under conditions of high humidity and wide temperature ranges. A voltage output monitor and an 4-20 mA current loop output can provide additional signal interfacing to facility monitoring equipment.

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PD06078 Four Channel ESVM - 2

Probes (cont.) General Probe Aperture The Trek Model PD06078 Electrostatic voltmeter provides four (4) independent channels of accurate noncontacting measurement of electrostatic surface voltage for ESD/EOS sensitive processes in either ionized or nonionized environments. The probes are chopper stabilized for drift-free operation. For Each Individual Channel: Measurement Range 0 to ±10 kV DC or peak AC. Speed of Response (10% to 90%) Less than 50 ms for a 1 kV step. Accuracy Better than ±5% of reading, ±0.2% of full scale over a probe-to-surface separation of 15 mm to 30 mm. Drift with...

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