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P0865 High-Speed, High-Voltage ESVM


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P0865 High-Speed, High-Voltage ESVM - 1

• Response Time less than 200 ms for a 1 kV step • Measurement Range ±10 kV DC or peak AC • Measurement Accuracy better than ±0.1% of full scale • Precision Voltage Monitor output • High Temperature Probes available • Zero Control for offset nulling • Easy-to-Read LED display • compliant Model P0865 High-Speed, High-Voltage Electrostatic Voltmeter The Trek Model P0865 is a DC stable, precision electrostatic voltmeter for making noncontacting surface voltage measurements in the range of 0 to ±10 kV DC or peak AC. Research and industrial applications include charge accumulation monitoring of the LCD production processes, monitoring surface potentials in the electrostatic painting process, research and development in the electrophotographic process, and measuring electrostatic potentials on polymers, rubber, fabrics, and paper. The Model P0865 employs a field-nulling technique for noncontacting voltage measurement that achieves DC stability and high accuracy even if the probe-to-surface spacing changes. This permits measurements of either stationary or moving surfaces without the need to establish fixed spacing to maintain accuracy. The Model P0865 patented probe design eliminates the need for close tolerance components. This significantly improves noise and drift performance, both in the presence of contaminating particulates and under conditions of high humidity and wide temperature ranges. A precision voltage monitor provides a low-voltage replica of the measured electrostatic potential for monitoring purposes, or for use as a feedback signal in a closed-loop system. The Model 3450 probe assembly includes a sensitive electrode and preamplifier, which is driven to the same potential as the measured value to eliminate arcing there between. A three (3) meter cable permits remote probe positioning. The Model P0865 can be operated on a bench top or, with optional hardware, in a standard 19-inch rack.

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P0865 High-Speed, High-Voltage ESVM - 2

All specifications are with a Model 3450 probe at a probe-to-surface separation of 3 mm, ±1 mm. Performance Measurement Range 0 to ±10 kV DC or peak AC. Accuracy Better than ±0.1% of full scale (as referred to the voltage monitor). Speed of Response (10% to 90%) Less than 200 ms for a 1 kV step change. Less than 5 ms for a 20 kV step change. Full Signal Bandwidth DC to better than 50 Hz. Stability Drift with Time Less than 100 ppm/hour, noncumulative. Drift with Temperature Less than 200 ppm/°C. Features High-Voltage Ready LED A LED indicator illuminates when the Model P0865 is ready to...

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