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Enabling Semiconductor Processes and R&D Applications


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Enabling Semiconductor Processes and R&D Applications - 1

TREK INC SERVING THE NEEDS OF THE SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRY Enabling Semiconductor Processes and R&D Applications Ion Beam Steering & Electrostatic Chuck Applications Trek designs and manufactures high voltage amplifiers and power supplies for ion beam deflection in silicon wafer processing operations. Trek's technology enables OEM semiconductor equipment manufacturers to offer extremely precise beam sweeping and positioning capabilities, which is especially important for dose control and uniformity. Trek amplifiers are also used in electrostatic chucks for wafer clamping applications. Our amplifiers enable customized control of complicated control sequences and provide wafer presence and clamping force detection, making Trek uniquely qualified to work with OEMs to address their challenges in these areas. Model 821HH Infinitron® Hand-Held Electrostatic Voltmeter With increasing industry concern about ESD and the damage it can cause in semiconductor process facilities, Trek offers products and expertise to assist with the measurement and control of ESD. Our measurement instruments deliver not only high accuracy but also high confidence. Trek charged plate monitors help with ionizer calibration and auditing processes. Our electrostatic monitors verify that air ionizers are working correctly, automatically. Trek hand-held electrostatic voltmeters and portable electrostatic voltmeters are easy-to-use and provide accurate surface voltage measurements throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process. The Trek ESD Event Detector enables detection of ESD incidents in a manufacturing site. For higher precision and speed, Trek's high performance electrostatic voltmeters [ESVM] are designed for more rigorous surface charge detection and measurement of the semiconductor wafers themselves and of related handling devices, in both on-line and offline applications. Trek's surface resistance/resistivity meters deliver precise surface resistance measurements on virtually any conductive, dissipative or insulative material. In the semiconductor industry, these instruments enable quick and accurate checks on dissipative floors, work surfaces, tablemats, and other staticcontrolled materials to insure that static charge is safely dissipated to ground. Model 347 ESVM Semiconductor Materials Research Model 152-1 Surface Resistance Meter Trek instruments are utilized throughout the research community, including semiconductor material R&D applications. Our high speed electrostatic voltmeters provide precise measurement of surface voltage, enabling the determination of work potential for various semiconductor materials and guiding design-of-experiment evaluations and other efforts in semiconductor physics. For more information, go to Model 370 ESVM ESD Instrumentation / Electrostatic Voltmeters High-Voltage Power Amplifiers / Piezo Drivers

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Enabling Semiconductor Processes and R&D Applications - 2

SERVING THE NEEDS OF THE SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRY Utilize precise high-voltage power amplifiers for ion sourcing, beam steering, electrostatic scanning, and electrostatic chucks Measure and calibrate ionizer balance and discharge time ¨ Selectable plate size and capacitance to match ESD sensitive device characteristics Perform electrostatic measurements to locate and measure static charge levels for compliance with SEMI E78 Diagnose manufacturing environments that are sensitive to ESD with this ESD Event Detector Insure static charges on materials are dissipated safely to ground potential ¨...

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Enabling Semiconductor Processes and R&D Applications - 3

SERVING THE NEEDS OF THE SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRY NEW Electrostatic Chuck Supply Trek Model 645 is a software-driven amplifier (supply) for electrostatic wafer chucking (E-chucks). Various chucking/dechucking profiles can be designed and uploaded to the Model 645 to optimize performance in an e-chuck process/facility. This versatile amplifier/supply is designed to produce accurate clamp/de-clamp waveforms developed by the process engineer in order to maximize productivity. The Model 645 can be used with coulombic and Johnsen-Rahbek electrostatic chuck technologies. NEW High Voltage 40 Watt...

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Enabling Semiconductor Processes and R&D Applications - 4

Founded on Technology TREK, INC. was established in 1968 to serve the needs of the electrophotography industry for highly accurate, stable, cost-effective measurement instrumentation and devices. Novel probe design technology provided the foundation for the company’s first electrostatic voltmeter, which quickly became the industry standard. Trek’s design ensures highly accurate measurements under extreme conditions. Growth through Innovation In the decades that followed, Trek established itself as a designer and manufacturer of high quality instrumentation. Innovative designs and...

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