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Discharge (ESD) Product Catalog - 1

Electrostatic Discharge Measurement & Control Instruments Catalog

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Discharge (ESD) Product Catalog - 2

Trek ESD Measurement & Control Instruments - Table of Contents AC Feedback Electrostatic Voltmeters AC Feedback Electrostatic Voltmeters DC Feedback Electrostatic Voltmeter / USB AC Feedback Electrostatic Voltmeter / USB Application Software Hand-Held Contacting Electrostatic Voltmeter Charged Plate Monitor Charged Plate Monitor Charged Plate Monitor Electrostatic Field Meter Surface Resistance Meter Surface Resistance / Volume Resistance Meter High Sensitivity ESD Event Detector Benchtop Ionizer Nozzle Ionizer *Note: Trek products are not rated for use in an explosive atmosphere...

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Discharge (ESD) Product Catalog - 3

 AC Feedback Electrostatic Voltmeters • Non-contacting voltage measurement • No need to maintain fixed spacing; accurate at a wide range of spacings • Portable (battery operated) • Good for difficult-to-reach locations (Model 876 has probe-on-cable design) • Drift-free operation in ionized environments • Low cost Applications Static charge measurement for LCD, semiconductor devices, MR heads. Monitor electrostatic levels in IC production processes. Surface potential measurement of silicon wafers, films and papers. Materials testing. Standard static charge measurements.  AC Feedback...

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Discharge (ESD) Product Catalog - 4

 DC Feedback Electrostatic Voltmeter - USB Supported • USB or RS-232 serial port enables computer-based control & monitoring • Visual and audible alarms • LCD screen displays present voltage and offers peak data hold function • Very small probe-to-test surface distances, excellent spot resolution and accuracy • Chopper probe is DC stable with/without incident air ion flow Applications Static charge measurement of semiconductor devices. Monitor electrostatic levels in IC production processes, semiconductor production processes and various production lines. Please specify probe type(s) when...

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Discharge (ESD) Product Catalog - 5

Trek’s software thereby enables touchscreen setting of threshold values and preservation of data. The data can be viewed graphically (screen shot above), in real time. Other PC-friendly adjustments include threshold setting, alarm ON/OFF, and storage time.   Infinitron® Hand-Held Contacting Electrostatic Voltmeter • Portable, battery-operated, compact design • Trek contacting technology enables precise surface voltage measurements • Measure conductive and insulative objects/surfaces with virtually zero charge transfer to the measurement probe • Save test data to internal memory • Data...

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Discharge (ESD) Product Catalog - 6

 Charged Plate Monitor • Compliance to IEC 61340-5-1 and ANSI/ESD STM3.1 • Mode of operation is easy to select via three-position toggle switch • Standard ion collection plate, 6” x 6” Please specify plate type(s) when ordering Model 156A  Charged Plate Monitor • Compliance to IEC 61340-5-1 and ANSI/ESD STM3.1 • Store & retrieve data as data points or graphs; internal memory • USB connection (to PC) enables real time data • Connect to the optional Thermohygrometer Kit (Omega Model HH331) • Bar code wand also available Please specify plate type(s) when ordering Model 157 Ion Collecting...

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Discharge (ESD) Product Catalog - 7

  Charged Plate Monitor Trek Model 158A Charged Plate Monitor is the premier instrument to evaluate the performance of air ionization systems. Its design includes a color graphics display for viewing of discharge waveforms and offset voltage in the time domain and the ability to store test data and waveforms for hundreds of ionizer tests. This unit employs Trek’s patented voltage-follower technique to provide accuracy, stability and bandwidth well beyond the performance capabilities of field meter technology. Features • Compliance to IEC 61340-5-1 and ANSI/ESD STM3.1 • User-friendly compact...

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Discharge (ESD) Product Catalog - 8

  ESD Audit Kit Trek’s Model 511/1501 ESD Audit Kit includes the Model 511 Ionizer Kit (electrostatic field meter, charger, and charge plate) and Model 1501 (surface resistance meter) in a compact carrying case. Please refer to specifications below. Most items can be ordered individually. Refer to details below. The carrying case and all of its contents are shown (far left). The kit as packaged for delivery is also shown (near left). Orders in the USA include ground plug adaptor, AC receptacle tester, and 2.75W charger/USB adaptor. (below). (CE compliant)*   Electrostatic Field Meter The...

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Discharge (ESD) Product Catalog - 9

  Surface Resistance / Volume Resistance Meter   High-Sensitivity ESD Event Detector • Sensitive to ESD voltage levels as low as 10V at 50mm • Well-suited for Charge Device Model (CDM) and discharge between metallic electrodes • ESD event detection conveyed through visual and audible alert systems • Good for difficult-to-reach locations (antenna-on-cable design) • Compact, lightweight design and highly accurate data • Operates on four AA batteries; AC power adapter for continuous • Alternate antenna for less sensitive detection (50V @ 90mm)

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Discharge (ESD) Product Catalog - 10

The Model 930 Benchtop Ionizer helps to solve static problems in the workshop or on the production floor by neutralizing static charges that can cause ESD damage to semiconductor and LCD devices, dust attraction and product “sticking” issues. Model 930’s compact size, high voltage power supply, high air volume flow rate using a built-in fan with adjustable air volume, automatic ion balance capability and high performance discharge electrode, enable it to perform in a variety of applications. A built-in electrode cleaning brush offers user-friendly maintenance. Correct operation is easy to...

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Discharge (ESD) Product Catalog - 11

Typical Test Results (discharged time and discharged voltage balance at various distances from the Model 930 ionizer) Position of charged plate monitor from the front face of Model 930 ionizer Test Results: + = Positive charge decay time (sec) - = Negative charge decay time (sec) B = Bandwidth of ion balance voltage (most positive to most negative voltages) 300mm Test Conditions: Without fan filter Airflow: Max. Test data are typical measurement values Displays of discharged time and voltage balance characteristic data at a distance of 300mm from the front side of the Model 930 ionizer...

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