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603 Power Amplifier/Piezo Driver


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603 Power Amplifier/Piezo Driver - 1

Piezo Driver/Power Amplifier The Trek Model 603 is a high-voltage DC power amplifier/piezo driver designed to provide precise control of output voltages in bipolar or unipolar ranges that are customer specified within a range of available settings. The instrument achieves the accurate output responses and high slew rates demanded by reactive loads by utilizing a four-quadrant active output stage that sinks or sources current into reactive or resistive loads. The Model 603 is configured as a non-inverting amplifier. An inverting configuration is optionally available. Both configurations are available in single or dual channel packaging. They are operable on a bench top or in a 19-in rack. Key Specifications • Available Voltage Ranges: • Output Current Range: • Slew Rate: • Large Signal Bandwidth (5% distortion): • DC Voltage Gain: 0 to ±125 V DC or peak AC or 0 to -250 V DC or peak AC or 0 to +250 V DC or peak AC 0 to ±40 mA DC or ±80 mA peak AC for less than 1 ms Greater than 100 V/ps DC to greater than 150 kHz 50 V/V or 25 V/V Typical Applications Include • Driving piezoelectric actuators • Modulating electrooptics • Electrostatically controlling ion beams • Providing remote ON/OFF capabilities for automated or computer controlled systems Features and Benefits • Four-quadrant output for driving capacitive loads • Up to two independent amplifier channels in one enclosure • Short-circuit protected for equipment protection • Reprogrammable factory-set output configurations • All solid-state design for maintenance free operation • Low output noise for ultra-accurate outputs • NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration provided with each unit • compliant TREK, INC. • 190 Walnut Street • Lockport, NY 14094 • USA • 800-FOR TREK 716-438-7555 • 716-201-1804 (fax) • •

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603 Power Amplifier/Piezo Driver - 2

Performance Available Output Voltage Ranges Output Current DC Voltage Gain DC Voltage Gain Accuracy DC Offset Voltage Output Noise* Slew Rate (10% to 90%, typical) Large Signal Bandwidth (5% distortion) Settling Time to 1% Stability Drift with Time Drift with Temperature Amplifier Input Input Voltage Range Input Impedance Voltage Monitor Ratio DC Accuracy AC Accuracy DC Offset Voltage Output Noise Output Impedance Current Monitor Ratio DC Accuracy Offset Voltage Output Noise Output Impedance Features Output Voltage Configuration 0 to ±125 V DC or peak AC 0 to -250 V DC or peak AC 0 to +250...

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