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341B High-Speed, High-Voltage ESVM


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341B  High-Speed, High-Voltage ESVM - 1

The Trek Model 341B is a DC-stable, precision electrostatic voltmeter for making noncontacting surface voltage measurements. The 341B employs a field-nulling technique that achieves DC stability and high accuracy even if the probe-to-surface spacing changes. This permits measurements of either stationary or moving surfaces without the need to establish fixed spacing to maintain accuracy. The instrument also utilizes a patented probe design that eliminates the need for close tolerance components which significantly improves noise and drift under conditions of high humidity and wide temperature ranges. • Measurement Range: 0 to ±20 kV DC or peak AC • Measurement Accuracy: Better than ±0.1% of full scale • Speed of Response: Less than 200 ps for a 1 kV step Typical Applications Include • Charge accumultion monitoring of LCD production processes • Monitoring surface potentials in the electrostatic painting process • Measuring of electrostatic potentials on polymers, rubber, fabrics and paper Features and Benefits • Superb noise and drift performance • Precision voltage monitor output • Monitor provides a low voltage replica of the measured electrostatic potential for monitoring purposes or for use as a feedback signal in a closed loop system • Easy-to-read LED display • Optional probes offer versatility (order separately) • Can be operated on a bench top, or with optional hardware, in a standard 19-inch rack . NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration provided with each unit . compliant Available Probes Available Configurations Standard Resolution Model 341B PN 17157: Model 3450 Side-viewing PN 341B-L, 341B Electrostatic Voltmeter (90-127 V AC) High Temperature (up to 100°C) PN 17284 Model 3455ET End-viewing PN 17285 Model 3453ST Side viewing Model 341B-1 (for use with 3460-1 Line Driver) PN 341B-1-L, 341B-1 Electrostatic Voltmeter (90 to 127 V AC) PN 341B-1-H, 341B-1 Electrostatic Voltmeter (180 to 250 V AC) PN 17181, Model 3460 Line Driver (used with 341B-1) (Model 341B-1 utilizes a separate line driver for extended probe cable lengths) TREK, INC. • 190 Walnut Street • Lockport, NY 14094 • USA • 800-FOR TREK 716-438-7555 • 716-201-1804 (fax) • • sales@t

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341B  High-Speed, High-Voltage ESVM - 2

Model 341B Specifications Performance Measurement Range Measurement Accuracy Speed of Response (10% to 90%) Full Signal Bandwidth Stability Drift with Time Drift with Temperature Voltage Monitor Output A buffered output provides a low-voltage replica of the measured voltage Ratio 1/100th of the measured voltage Output Noise Less than 20 mV rms* Output Impedance Less than 0.1 W 0 to ±20 kV DC or peak AC Better than ±0.1% of full scale, referred to the voltage monitor Less than 200 |js for 1 kV step. Less than 5 ms for 20 kV step change DC to better than 25 Hz Less than 100...

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