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325 High Sensitivity ESVM


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325 High Sensitivity ESVM - 1

• Measurement Range: 0 to ±40 V DC or Peak AC • Sensitivity: 1 mV • Noise: Less than 1 mV rms, Referenced to Measured Voltage • High Seed of Response: Less Than 3 ms for a 10 V Step • Voltage Monitor Accuracy: Better Than 0.05% of Full Scale • Null Voltage Source: 0 to ±10 Volt Calibrated Supply (nulls measured surface contact potential in reference to probe’s gold sensing electrode) • Drift Spacing/Null Adjustment (minimizes measured variations in voltage as probe to test surface spacing changes) • Voltage Monitor Outputs: 1:1 and 10:1 of measured voltage Model 325 High-Sensitivity , DC Stable Electrostatic Voltmeter The Trek Model 325 Electrostatic Voltmeter is a versatile instrument used for performing noncontacting electrostatic voltage measurements in applications which include contact potential (surface work function) determination, materials evaluation and electret studies. The Model 325 was specifically designed for high sensitivity applications to allow highly accurate, low noise, noncontacting measurement of electrostatic voltages of 0 to ±40 V over a wide range of probe-to-surface distances. Special features of the Model 325 allow adjusting the performance of the unit to compensate for specific test conditions. A calibrated Null Voltage supply of 0 to ±10 volts nulls measured surface contact potential when measuring voltages on test surfaces. A response Speed Control adjusts the AC response of the Model 325. A Drift/Spacing Null Adjustment minimizes the variation in monitored voltage values as the probe to test surface spacing changes. A dual range front panel 3V2 digit LED display resolves ±10 mV. The measured voltage can also be monitored through a precision 1:1 voltage monitor output and/or a 10:1 voltage monitor output. Trek’s patented low impedance probe sensor assures measurement accuracy which is essentially independent of probe-to-test-surface spacing while eliminating the external environmental effects of high humidity and contamination, such as airborne dust, toner, ions and chemicals, on measurement accuracy. The Model 325 is bench top operable or, with optional hardware, in a half 9^-inch or standard 19-inch rack.

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325 High Sensitivity ESVM - 2

All specifications are with a Model PD1216P probe with a probe-to-surface separation of 0.4 mm. Performance Measurement Range 0 to ±40 V DC or peak AC. Sensitivity 1 mV. Accuracy Voltage Monitor Output Better than ±0.05% of full scale. Voltage Display Better than or equal to ±2 counts, referred to the voltage monitor. Speed of Response (10% to 90%) At Fastest Speed Setting Less than 3 ms for a 10 V step. At Slowest Speed Setting Less than 5 ms for a 10 V step. Noise (typical) Less than 1 mV rms, referenced to measured voltage. Stability Drift with Time Less than 50...

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