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Vision on quality Robust, handheld rechargeable inspection spotlight with a power density of 15000pW at the hotspot and 1500pW/cm2 at 38cm (15") TQC UV inspection lantern is used to detect contaminations that react under UV-illumination and cannot be seen with naked eye such as some organic fats, alkaline contaminants etc.. Ideal to inspect the cleanliness of steel prior to painting. Delivered in a sturdy plastic suitcase complete with yellow safety glasses for optimal contrast. Recharger included. Protective Coatings, Corrosion Control, Coating Laboratories, Paint Production, Surface Finishing, Powder Coating FEATURES • Equipped with latest high power UV LED 450 mW at 365nm wavelength • Output UV light intensity > 1500pW/cm2 at 38cm • Rechargeable Li-ion battery supply which provides 180 minutes continuously inspection • Use life > 20000hours • Single wavelength, no heat but deep UV light • Anodized aluminium lamp body, resisted to corrosion and stands up to years of heavy use • Largely used as UV detective light in different areas, including: - Mineral detection - Metal cracks detection - Non-destructive testing L V light beam di-unclcr .it jHcni I >nklki 11 nidkitKui UV liujii beam uniformity ul SCOPE OF SUPPLY • UV lantern • UV protective glasses • Li-ion battery • Battery charger • Carrying case TQCB.V. 2908 LL Capelle aan den IJssel phone:+31 (0)10-7900100 e-mail:

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SPECIFICATIONS Wavelength: Length: Lamp head diameter: Lamp handle diameter: Weight (without battery): Power supply: Run time: Charge time: • Though robust in design, this instrument is precision-machined. Never drop it or knock it over • Always keep the instrument in its case when not in use. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Ultra Violet IUY] RadtaUaa •mt Olrati Era Eiarnaa PtM VW/EIENGIH 36Snm IMPORTANT NOTE! DO NOT STARE INTO THE BEAM! Most of the light of this spot is ultraviolet and invisible to the human eye. Although it may not seem that bright a tremendous amount of invisible UV light is emitted....

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