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Developers and manufacturers of paint test equipment

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TQC Sheen Novelties - 3

TQC Sheen's production facility is located in The Netherlands TQC Sheen has distributors in more than 60countries TQC Sheen designs and produces field measuring instruments and lab equipment for testing paint and coatings and general surface treatment. Production facility TQC Sheen's objective is to create and offer solutions for every possible QC-application in surface technology. TQC Sheen products are known for their ergonomic features and user friendliness. The production facility is located in The Netherlands. In order to complete the TQC Sheen range the company works closely together...

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TQC Sheen Novelties - 4

DIGITAL ROTOTHINNER of the viscosity in P or cP, as used in the paint, coating and ink The TQC Sheen Digital Rotothinner™ is used for determination The TQC Sheen Digital Rotothinner™ can be used in 3 modes; industry. It is equipped with a clear display, easy user interface Manual: Max-hold and Timed. A superb stable drive system creates and ensures high reproducible results measurement after mea- a wider measurement range and more accurate readings. surement. The meter is both highly accurate and simple to use, making it suitable for research as well as production environment. level adapter...

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TQC Sheen Novelties - 5

DIGITAL KREBS VISCOMETER Automatic Conversion driven rotating paddle to sense the paint viscosity at a constant The conversion between these units is automatically calculated 200 rpm, this modern digital instrument provides automated mo- by the microprocessor and displayed on request. Sturdy tor operation, without weights & pulley, allowing accurate direct construction allows for use either in a production environment or reading in KU (Krebs units), mPa .s (cP) or g (gram). Based on the popular traditional KREBS method, using a weight- Features Single or continuous reading in KU, mPa .s...

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TQC Sheen Novelties - 6

GEL STRENGTH TESTER VISCOSITY This instrument is especially suited to assess the yield strength and consistency of thick paints and other materials such as gels and putties etc.. A 250 ml can containing the sample is magnetically fastened onto a turntable, which is loaded with a calibrated spring displaying an engraved scale of 0-450 gm/ cm. When immersed into the sample, the flat 4 x 2 cm paddle spindle rotates automatically at 2 rpm, and drives the whole can & turntable. After a peak reading followed by a short time of stabilisation, a steady torque value is indicated on the scale. Other...

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TQC Sheen Novelties - 7

CONE AND PLATE VISCOMETER This standard test for dynamic viscosity measurements is now Temperature controlled faster and more accurate by use of new high precision micro- As most viscosity measurements are highly temperature sensitive the processor controls. As non-Newtonian fluids exhibit different samples are placed on a temperature controlled plate which can be viscosities relative to the shear rate applied, the cone and plate set from 5 to 65°C (41 - 149 °F). All cone kits are interchangeable for viscometer tightly controls it to 10,000S (B.S. requirements) or to various viscosities....

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TQC Sheen Novelties - 8

AUTOMATIC FILM APPLICATOR Compact FILM APPLICATION The AFA Compact is an entry level film applicator that accepts charts up to A4 size. Application speed can be set from 1 to 150 The TQC Sheen’s Automatic Film Applicators are quite mm/s. The Compact is suitable for both wire bar applicators and simple to operate by means of the menu in the display and the block applicators. Operating is easy through the standard 5-key navigation switch. The 5-key navigation switch is equipped TQC Sheen operating interface. The AFA Compact is available with the unique Triple i function (Intelligent...

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TQC Sheen Novelties - 9

AUTOMATIC FILM APPLICATOR Standard digitally from ambient +5°C to ambient + 100°C . Heat-up time is coating films to test charts, panels or foils in a uniform and repro- FILM APPLICATION The TQC Sheen AFA Standard provides a reliable basis to apply short and temperature is uniform over the entire bed. ducible way in order to eliminate variations caused by human factors. Variations in speed, pressure and direction of draw down cause irregularities. Other factors that may influence the result are the shear rate and the weight of the applicator. Paper Clamp / Vacuum manually operable Triple i...

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TQC Sheen Novelties - 10

FILM APPLICATION FILMFUGE APPLICATORS Centrifugal applicators provide perfectly reliable spin-coated determined by the rotational speed, nature of the product and panel samples. Complementary to conventional techniques, this type. Fully progammable operating parameters, ease of use and high method offers efficiency and flexibility to daily sample safety makes this apparatus a must-have in all laboratories. preparation process. Just fix a panel onto the turntable, pour a known volume of To fulfil most sample size requirements, two models are available. coating onto the centre, close the lid and...

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TQC Sheen Novelties - 11

PNEUMATIC PANEL SPRAYERS Optimum settings subsequent evaluation of colour, gloss, opacity and general Once the optimum settings for a product have been achieved they appearance, also physical properties including thickness, can be easily reproduced for quality control for further sampling, sagging, levelling and adhesion. Evaluation of these properties is thus enabling identification of any inconsistences in formulation or particularly important when applying high performance coatings such as metallic, pearlescent paints and special effect coatings. Features Very consistent The TQC Sheen...

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TQC Sheen Novelties - 12

TEST CHART Test System Zeit/Time Charge-Nr./No. Made in The Netherlands Datum/Date Test TEST CHART Made in The Netherlands FILM APPLICATION APPLICATORS TEST CHARTS APPLICATION TABLES and dimensions from DIN A6 up to and including DIN A4. Also TQC Sheen applicator types come as Bird, Baker, Wire Bar, available is a special Washability opacity scrub chart. All charts are Micrometer adjustable, Cube, Sag and Leveling, Quadruplex, film laminated for an excellent solvent and chemical resistance Octoplex, etc.. The choice depends on specification or and an even film...

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