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sheen Bresle Patch Better shape, better formula, stronger and clean. Scope of supply ► Bresle Patches, 25 pcs ► Needle ► Certificate ► Pictorial manual Ordering information LD6515 - Bresle Patches, 25 pcs Accessories / Optional Items SP7310 - Bresle Kit SP7930 - Syringe and needle The TQC Sheen Bresle Patch conform ISO 8502-6 is a round self-adhesive plastic patch with a medical grade membrane and a known surface area. Due to the round shape it is stronger, whilst at the same time the patch has a clean removal, negligible patch contamination, no breaking foam and is silicon free. Each patch is certified and traceable. This unique Bresle patch is tested by global coating industry leaders. Bresle Method Bresle patches are used to test for surface contaminants, such as salts. The patch is described in ISO 8502-6 and -9, also known as the Bresle Method. This Bresle Method is commonly used to measure the level of surface salts prior to coating. Size Sample volume Test area Stress test Elastic film Tape Protective paper Prevent maintenance costs A too high level of salts may cause coating failures like blistering and corrosion. This might cause major problems and increase maintenance costs for shipping, vessels, ballast tanks, oil and gas piping, industry buildings and steel structures in general. That's why measuring the level of salts prior to coating is essential. Features v Strong v Clean removal v Negligible patch contamination v No breaking foam v Silicone free v Test area is equal to the old patch (A1250) v Meets ISO 8502-6 specifications v Certified and traceable Standards ISO 8502-6, ISO 8502-9 Special care For a correct execution of the test only needles as specified in ISO 8502-6 should be used. The above specified needle SP7930 meets this standard. Store Bresle Patch in a cool and dark place. Keep Bresle Patch away from direct sunlight. Disclaimer The right of technical modifications is reserved. Please refer to our terms and conditions as published on our website.

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