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Vision on quality Vision on quality when surface appearance and consistency are crucial

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The TQC Gloss meter allows the user to measure fast and simple accurate gloss levels on any at surface. Whether it be paper, paint, plastic, wood or any other material. No special training or skills are required. Just place the gauge, press the scan button and read the values. Template options can also provide the exibility for use with curved surfaces or small test areas. In an economy where production eciency is key there is no room for errors. Quality has to be perfect as consumers tend to be more demanding than ever and will accept nothing less than perfection. Production is moving all...

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The 60° singe-angle instrument of theTQC Gloss meter range. Preferred instrument for measure- ments in the semi-gloss range. Suitable for most applications. Light source and detector are posi- tioned under an angle of 60° of the surface to be (Depending on the model the instrument can be set to measure and display just one or several measurernen t angles simultaneously) *The TQC Polygloss will be available Q1/2013 The TQC Duo Gloss meter is a versatile instrument that combines the 20° and 60° angle into one gloss meter. The 20° angle is ideal for measure- ments in the high-gloss area while...

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Data logging All TQC Gloss meters are equipped with an extensive memory of max. 2000 measure- ments which can be organised in 8 different batch- es. The name of each batch can be programmed into the instrument in order to allow data retrieval at a later stage. Date Format Date Time stamp The internal clock and calendar provides each stored measurement with a date/ time stamp. A choice of four different date formats is Data handling Via a "plug and play" USB interface the measuring data can be downloaded to your PC. Scrolling through a batch with the Up and Down function shows individual...

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Vision on quality > THE FEATURES Power saving 59 min POWER OFF IN Power saving The instrument utilises low power consuming LED light sources and a battery friendly OLED display. A full set of batteries has a 10.000 reading life expectancy. However, in order to get the maximum operational life from the batteries the instrument is equipped with an adjustable “auto power o” function which can be set by the user between 1 and 59 minutes. Power is provided by two standard AA-batteries. Language English Deutsch Francais Italiano BACK Languages The instrument is designed for optimal...

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IDEAL FINISH ANALYSIS SOFTWARE TQC Gloss meters are supplied as standard with the powerful TQC IDEAL FINISH ANALYSIS evaluation and analysis software. Without any extra costs a user can utilise the software to create reports including graphs and tables, comprehensive statistics and SP-calculations. Trend, Gaus and many other statistical data sets are possible within the software. TQC IDEAL FINISH ANALYSIS is TQC’s master data handling program that works with an array of TQC instruments such as CurveX oven proling dataloggers, DewCheck climate gauges and various coating thickness gauges....

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Vision on quality WHERE TO USE A TQC GLOSS METER… Militairy goods Yacht and boat builders TQC Gloss meters are designed to work both in production and lab environments. Its compact size and ergonomic shape make it ideal for all day use on a production line. However the high level of accuracy equals or exceeds most bench gloss meters making it a perfect t for high demand laboratory applications.

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APPLIED PRODUCTS: Calibration standard: Light source: Power source: Scan function: Integrated tile in dust cover High Contrast OLED display Extreme low drift LED light 2000 readings with time Password protection TQC Ideal Finish Analysis Base dimensions: Orifice size: Spot size: Measurement speed: Simultaneous measurement: 3 geometries Power saver option: User selectable Units: Gloss Units (GU) TQC will grant a warranty for a period of 12 months for TQC Gloss meter and 12 months for all related equipment from the date of delivery in respect of any evidence of faulty workmanship and...

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