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PTK pretreatment test Kit - 1

Vision on quality J PTK PRETREATMENT TEST KIT SP7315 BASIC KIT*IsP7316 FULL KIT*I Product description A special designed test kit to control all relevant parameters during the pre-treatment of steel prior to painting available as BASIC KIT* and FULL KIT* The BASIC KIT * contains a Bresle Test for surface and blast media measurements, a Dust Test kit and Telescopic inspection mirror. The FULL KIT* has a large number of extra items a described in this datasheet. It is also possible to make a selection out of the optional items. The quality of correct pretreatment of a surface prior to application of the coating is essential to ensure the quality of the coating and that its optimum lifetime is achieved. Improper surface preparation may lead to insufficient adhesion, corrosion under the coating and premature failing of the coating system. The TQC PTK (Pretreatment Test Kit) is a standard kit that can be expanded to meet the needs of the coatings inspector. The kit exists of a sturdy, double walled plastic carry case for easy storage and portability. TQC SP7310 TQC Bresle test, * Kit complete with conductivity meter and 25 Bresle Patches and necessary accessories. This test is ideal for determining the salt levels on the surface prior to painting according the accurate and ergonomic DSP-method (Direct Sampling Procedure). Extra accessories are included to determine the level of contamination of the used blast media. Standards: ISO8502-6 and 9 Excessive salt levels trapped under a layer of coating will attract moisture due to their hygroscopic nature which lead to corrosion and paint system failure. Recycled blasting media may become contaminated with soluble salts. Contaminated blasting media will transfer soluble salts to the surface to be cleaned. TQC SP3200 Dust Test Kit, * Binder complete with dust comparator display board, dust assessment plate, illuminated magnifier adhesive tape, scissors and a set of test record sheets. Dust on blast cleaned surfaces can reduce coating adhesion, leading to premature coating failure and sub-standard coating finish. TQC LD3025 Paint Inspectors Mirror, * A simple and robust tool for visual inspection of hard to reach places for example behind stiffeners or "mouse holes". Hard to see spots are difficult to reach to the blaster / painter as well. Inspection (visually) of these places is essential. TQC B.V. 2908 LL Capelle aan den IJssel phone: +31 (0)10-7900100 e-mail:

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PTK pretreatment test Kit - 2

Vision on quality Optional items for the SP7315 (All fit in the case protected by a pre-cut foam lining) Incorrect climate parameter may lead to condensation on the surface resulting in undercoat corrosion and poor adhesion. High or low temperature and/or humidity will affect the curing process and inter-coat adhesion and performance of the coating TQC DC7000 DewCheck, * The world's first dewmeter dedicated to protective coatings work. Dewcheck incorporates all the features required for climate condition monitoring in a single gauge including relative humidity, air temperature,...

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PTK pretreatment test Kit - 3

TQC LD2040 Surface Roughness Comparator,  Comparison standard according to ISO 8503 part 1 made of quality steel. Indicates the surface condition of blasted steel according to ISO 8503 in grades of fine, medium, and coarse. Model G for grit blasting. Standards: ISO 8503 part 1and 2, ASTM D 4417 Method A, IMO MSC.215(82), IMO MSC.244(83) A surface profile that meets the specified parameters is essential. The surface profile increases the total surface creating a larger are of the coating to adhere. If the profile / anchor pattern is too low, the adhesion between the coating and the surface...

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