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ROHRENWERKE GMBH TechniFactory INOS TechniFactory INOS is able to provide straight and U-Tubes in a very short time frame. 1. Save money and time • Only one contact person for all heatexchanger tube needs • Avoid transport damages to the long straight tubes on the way to the bending facility • No additional transport costs to the bending company • Benefit from time saving of parallel production of straight tubes and U-tubes • Request spare tubes, which we stock for you • Save space and time for assembling the heat exchangers as the U-tubes can be removed radiuswise from the wooden combs Heat treatment of bending area • On request you can choose between solution or stress relief annealing depending on the material standard • On demand, we also include the annealing charts 4. Packing • U-tubes are safely packed in transport-racks using wooden combs to avoid damage • Faster and more efficient inbound material inspection through separate packing by radius 2. Surface quality • You receive tubes which are free from oil and grease as well as free from debris • You receive a metallic bright surface without discolouration on the inner and outer tube • In line with our general terms and conditions of sale we guarantee defect free materials and good workmanship 5. Quality / documentation • Detailed test certificate with all the important information incl. measures of the bend along with the inspection certificate 3.1 • On request we offer Ultrasonic-Test, Dye-Penetrant-Test, Hydraulic Pressure Test and Steel Ball Test • a warranty of up to 3 years* TECHNICAL DETAILS We bend tubes up to any diameter Radii: 1,0 x OD (except 2,0 x OD for Titanium tubes) up to 1,20 m (Other radii on request) In line with our general terms and conditions of sale we guarantee defect free materials and good workman

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ROHRENWERKE GMBH It's time what counts!When reliability and quality are given. It always happens, whether in Power Generation, Chemical or Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical or Offshore and Marine Industry, the efficiency of your installation and process cycle drops unexpectedly and in many of those situations the route cause are clogged tubes in the hea-texchanger or cooling system. Even proper preventive maintenance and a safety stock of tubular materials is not always a sufficient solutions to the problem. Furthermore it is cost and capital intensive. Therefore we like to introduce you to our...

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