Rohroberflächen und neue Ultraschallanlage


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TechniFactory INOS With it all new Ultrasonic fascility and state of the art equipment TPS Technitube Rohrenwerke GmbH is able at the TechniFactory Stainless division to design the most special and tailor-made test requirements to satisfy the ever increasing demand for improved and higher tubular surface execution for stainless steel and special alloy tubes. The uniqueness of the pilgering process builds the base for an extraordinary tubular surface. This is coupled at TPS with its proprietary heat treatment, designed for special surface requirements. You will get the proof if you order an ultrasonic test for your material which will be designed acc. to your individual needs. Super Bright Surface Level 2 TPS SBS Level 2 • inside roll polished • roughness outside and inside Ra max. 0,8 pm • for standard applications Super Bright Surface Level 1 TPS SBS Level 1 • inside roll polished • roughness outside and inside Ra max. 0,4 pm • for special applications, such as clean room processes, semi-conductor, bio-technology or automotive industry suitable for electro-polishing (roughness can be reduced by 50% to max. Ra 0,2 pm)

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QUALITY FOR THE HIGHEST EXPECTATIONS Ultrasonic system sets new standards After more than 40 years in business, we are still driven to continuously improve our products and services. We permanently optimize processes to achieve for our customers the best possible quality in our products and services! How do we improve our products? How do we optimize our process stability and offer an outstanding, proven level of our quality? In addition to the continuous training and qualification of our employees, we keep our machinery and equipment at the cutting edge of technology through ongoing...

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