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Electric Powered Forklifts MATERIAL HANDLING stronger together

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More productive, safer and more energy efficient than ever Introducing the new Toyota Traigo 80, with load capacities ranging from 2.0 tons up to 3.5 tons The new Toyota Traigo 80 completes the Toyota Traigo range of electric counterbalanced forklifts. It is the result of an intense and continuous collaboration between Toyota and its customers. Through daily contact with experts, the most experienced drivers, warehouse managers and business owners from all over Europe, our engineers and design team have created a new response to everyday demands in a wide field of applications. The Toyota...

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Toyota Traigo 80 - Safety Toyota Traigo 80 - Safety World Class Safety Class-leading visibility Maximising visibility is one of the most important means to increase safety and minimise accidents. Get on board the Traigo 80 and you will notice the perfect all-around visibility. From the fork tips, As always with Toyota, safety comes first. Traigo 80 is no exception. It utilises world-leading features and technologies to protect driver and goods, including Toyota’s unique System of Active Stability (SAS). This means that safety comes together with reduced costs and increased productivity. SAS...

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Toyota Traigo 80 - Productivity Toyota Traigo 80 - Productivity Longer, faster, higher Toyota Traigo 80 is an excellent vehicle for productivity improvements in your operations. It combines vertical and horizontal speed with outstanding acceleration and brake performance. It is a joy to drive and work with. A swift, smooth and precise way to cut down costs and increase your profits. Compact and manoeuvrable The design of the Traigo 80 allows for easy use in the tightest situations for maximum productivity. This means that Traigo 80 is as effective indoors within pallet racking as it is...

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Toyota Traigo 80 - Durability Toyota Traigo 80 - Durability Built-in reliability The Traigo 80 is the partner you and your business can trust. It comes with uptime-enhancing quality in every detail, built in from the start. Everything from its rugged body design, engineering, materials and finish stand for solid quality, leaving you to enjoy the benefits, with longer service intervals and reduced service costs. It is made to be counted on, day in, day out, in tough conditions. Strength through design The truck has been designed, engineered and built in a Toyota factory, with the use of...

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Toyota Traigo 80 - Driveability Toyota Traigo 80 - Driveability Maximised driveability means maximised potential If you want to cut costs: start with providing your operators with the optimum tools. The new Traigo 80 continues a proud family tradition by being built with the driver in focus, understanding that ergonomics and comfort reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Higher comfort – better performance The Traigo 80 features easy access from both sides of the vehicle through a low in-step and a large step size, all integrated in the smart, spacious and modern cab. Once inside the cab...

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Toyota Traigo 80 - Services Toyota Traigo 80 - Environment Materials Handling for Europe Over the years, Toyota has developed a strong European presence, establishing close geographic links with its customers in order to better respond to their needs. With operations in more than 30 countries, Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) has European Office functions based in Ancenis (France), Bologna (Italy), Brussels (Belgium) and Mjölby/ Linköping (Sweden) and production centres in Ancenis, Bologna and Mjölby. A stronger network Each of our marketing and sales companies is strategically...

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Choose the features that suit your needs ORS seat with sidewings and seatbelt Wide brake pedal SAS swing lock cylinder SAS mast front tilt angle control SAS mast front and rear tilt speed control SAS active steering synchroniser Operator Presence Sensing (OPS) Maximum drive speed setting Speed reduction when cornering Maximum drive speed reduction with lifted load Acceleration reduction with lifted load Mast tilt indicator Load weight indicator Emergency push button in armrest Pin code entry system Flashing beacon Back-up buzzer Panoramic mirror Toyota l_Site/ pre-operational check Rear...

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